RIP Yardsale (1 Viewer)

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Lawn Care Enthusiast
Nov 6, 2008
R.I.P. Caught one of my first trains with him out of Tucson. He was a really nice guy, no ego bullshit.


Mar 17, 2011
What do you consider cheap? I can't imagine not being to find some kind of plain crap sleeping bag at Wal Mart.


Apr 25, 2010
It was his birthday and he wanted my shirt. So I told him he has to run to the McDonalds and back in his birthday suit for it, and he did it. HAHAHAHAHA 5 fucking blocks man, in the 9th ward no less. I wish everyone could seen all the people faces as this crazy ass white dude runs naked down the common grounds. Me and Trashcan just grabbed all the booze and hid by the press street yard for a min. HAHAHAHA

Good fucking job Yardsale, went and got yourself killed you fucking asshole. Son of bitch, and I realy loved you man.


Nov 20, 2011
Fuck I'm sure I meet him tho not site where our paths crossed I was blocked from reading the whole story NY some pop up ( I 'm using a phone most of time I 'm on here) RIP

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