RIP Asher 'Bishu' (1 Viewer)


Nov 12, 2009
Providence RI
I'll never forget the light in their eyes and mischievous smile.
Had a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts together. Another piece of my heart has creeped out of existence.
I love you 'Asherbashirkhalifamuhammed' You are loved and you are missed</3



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Nov 12, 2009
Providence RI
I think i met him a few years bavk in occupy Little Rock. Was he from new york?
His dad is from texas, where bishu was living at the time Dallas/Ft worth last i heard, his mom was from Rhode Island (close to NY) which is where we met. He also had family in Libya where he lived for a few years teaching ESL. He traveled a bit though, i had bumped into his gf in nola a few years back, had just missed him by a day.

Lee Larson

Dec 22, 2019
Little rock
The guy i knew was syrian or libian, sometimes went by sandnig, is his father a doctor? This was like 2013 or 2014. At the time he had a dog named cooter cunt. It looks just like my buddy iv been looking for. Dude was my homie, i reall hope it isnt him. Best regsrds for this guys famiky snd friends

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