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  1. ali

    Reported content: Library item update in 'Maps - CP Network Map 2020'

    Library item update in 'Maps - CP Network Map 2020' by ali has been reported by ali. Reason given: Content being reported:
  2. ali

    Library CP Network Map 2020

    @ali submitted a new file to the library: CP Network Map 2020 - Detailed map of CP and major US carriers Click here for more info!
  3. ZIGER

    Featured Closing of the cargo-passenger travel season 2020 in Russia

    Autumn came, it gets colder and colder every day, and most trainhoppers won't jump until spring. As always, there is an annual meeting about the closing of the season, usually at the end of October. Since this year's trip date was known in advance, many were able to adjust to the departure date...
  4. D

    Herb Petty from the Little Farm

    Sorry this news is a bit old, but I just found out. Herb Petty lived on a farm in north western Missouri, the Little Farm, but he attended Rainbow Gatherings and protests also. Here is his obit...
  5. Lin

    Celebrating the 2020 Election

    Apologies in advance to any avid Trump supporters. What did y'all think about this year's election? Where I'm at, people seemed ridiculously happy, shooting off fireworks and whatnot. I'm just glad things didn't go down the shitter with a full on coup or any shit like that.
  6. Coywolf

    Dealing with mental health and anger during 2020

    Hey all, I've been trying to develop my career over the past few years so that I am able to have a work/travel balance. There is this work schedule in my field called 'career-seasonal' that you can work between 6-10 months a year and you essentially get laid off for months at a time, and have a...
  7. Des

    RIP Dingee

    Dingee caught the westbound in the beginning of september. Dude road hard for a long time and had the sweetest old dog. I first met them at an anarchist gathering awhile back. We quickly became friends after they chastised everyone who didn't do the dishes. For the people who didn't know em...
  8. Matt Derrick

    Photos Brien Sherman, aka DoctorApocalypse/BoyofMetal on StP

    Hey everyone, unfortunately it is my sad duty to let you all know that Brien Sherman passed away last week. The circumstances of his death are currently unknown to me. Although he retired a little over a year ago, he was a moderator on StP for a few years, and I always enjoyed stopping to visit...
  9. D

    Beet harvest 2020?

    Is anyone planning to do this? I haven’t ever but I’m strongly considering checking it out with my partner and making some quick dough to hopefully blow if and when the lockdowns end. I’d also love to meet people there or maybe organize some kind of meetup AFTER the harvest, as I’ve heard it’s...
  10. PunkRockForever1981

    "Danny Boy" Falla --- 09/23/1984 to 10/06/2007 --- he died as he lived... information within....

    In these days of state sponsored and induced paranoia, when a mentally ill person who tries to burn his shoe with a lighter on an airplane can cause people to willingly allow themselves to be basically strip-searched in public, or when over-protective parents fearing cuts and bruises on their...
  11. BakuninDreaming

    Photos Dan Connor aka "Sparke" aka "Kenzo_Paisano"

    I haven't been on this site in years. I saw this wasn't on here, so I decided it needed to be. Not sure if any of you knew Dan Conner aka "Sparke" aka "Kenzo_Paisano". He died a couple of months ago. He was crossing Canada, and got stuck up there because of Covid. The cops said it was fyntenal...
  12. D

    Colby Blackmon (Wandering Wolf)

    News article: Man arrested after fatal hit-and-run in Kingsport - https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/kingsport-pd-serious-crash-under-investigation-on-interstate-26-at-west-stone-drive/ Tribute video 1: Tribute video 2: Tribute video 3: My take on this: I did not find out about this until I...
  13. Amberbrown231

    Maston Ray Mountz AKA Breakfast

    I'm not familiar to this page so I hope I'm doing this right but I wanted to let Breakfasts friends know that he has recently passed away. He was a SUPER awesome dude, and will always be remembered as such. I just wanted to let you guys know so you can pass the word on and let others know...
  14. ScumRag

    Cameron Loren - San Diego home bum RIP

    San Diego police are offering a reward for help finding the hit-and-run driver who killed a skateboarder in Ocean Beach last month. Cameron Loren, 25, was skating in the middle of Voltaire Street between Bolinas and Soto streets at about 10:30 on the night of Thursday, June 4, when a car headed...
  15. existnchill

    Overnight Parking In California? COVID 2020

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where one could stay in California while covid 19 safety precautions are in order. Are any parks or campgrounds open in Los Angeles or anywhere is Southern California? Has anyone gone to the beach lately? I know there are many vanlifers in Cali...
  16. EJ1312

    Remembering Casey Naud

    Casey naud was a virturoso in the folk punk community, ex jehovas witness turned dirty kid Casey was a Legened in the Travelling and Folk punk comminity he lived his dreams and travelled and performed his music in Europe, Australia, and North america , he was a very tight accordionist and...
  17. D

    Get me to my mama.

    get me to my mama organized by Oops ... - https://www.gofundme.com/f/vyr4yp-get-me-to-my-mama If anyone knew this lady Ashley, she supposedly died recently in Alaska, I picked her up hitchhiking last year so I very much feel spiritually connected to her, if you have some $$ to spare help...
  18. James Meadowlark

    The Fest 2020- Gainesville FL. Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

    Should be a good one this year... Love HWM, so two nights is going to be awesome.. Samiam 30th anniversary, and Mustard Plug returns again this year! Tried to update the wiki, but couldn't find the edit button. Start growing your beards today!
  19. Tude

    RIP Jeff Dombrowski

    Hi there- Tude here - I admitted him into Dirty Kids facebook @ 2016 and after a few conversations he stated he was a long time STP person and we talked about the SLABS and how he was to have gone to there for the same year I was out there for the Jamboree. Never found out his name on STP...
  20. D

    Kent Stanton - Pensacola, FL

    Everybody’s Best Friend: A Personal Tribute to My Friend Kent Stanton - https://www.wuwf.org/post/everybody-s-best-friend-personal-tribute-my-friend-kent-stanton#stream/0