Riding the Ferry for Free from SF to Marin County (1 Viewer)


Oct 23, 2006
novosivirsk, russia
How to get out of SF for free:

1. It's easy as fuck. Got to the Ferry Building at the end of Market St. Go to the TV that has the ferry schedule on it. See when your ferry leaves. One goes to Larkspur (farther North) and the other goes to Sausalito. I've got on twice meaning to go to Sausalito, not checked the TV schedule , and hopped on the Larkspur ferry by accident.
2. Go out to where the ferry boards. There is a blue fence which runs between brick pillars that is literally 3 1/2 feet high. It's made of large-diameter welded steel tubing. An arthritic grandma could hop this thing.
3. Wait until everybody that has bought tickets is filing through the gate and having the gate people check their tickets. The checkers are distracted and you can hop the fence. There is an area with vending machines and you are in there. You don't even to pass by the checkers to get to the loading ramp. The boat crew is at the top of the ramp when you get on but they aren't checking tickets.
This is some of the easiest shit to sneak into you can imagine. I'd say 5-10 times easier even than getting on the BART for free. Confusingly enough, the Marin County ferry terminals are almost impossible to sneak in for free.
This ferry is super-high-speed and fun to ride
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