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I learned that traveling is not as hard as one would think. If one keeps to Transporation, Shelter, and Food (TSF) one can go farther than expected.
However, I learned people pack too much (I am also guilty of this). Unless you are going to outer space or the Artic, you really don't need much.
Here is what I learned from my previous travels (NOTE: I traveled from city to city. So I had a place to stay, money, and all the usual goodies).

Lesson #1: Laundromats saves money and reduce clothing needs.
There are laundromats everywhere. Some of them extremely dirt cheap ($5 for a load). Yes cleaning your clothes by hand works too. But it is a lot easier to use a washing machine and dryer. Thus I only needed to bring 3 pairs of clothes (during the warmer months. 6, if you are traveling somewhere cold.)

Lesson #2: Vacuum bags is the Jesus Christ of traveling.
Vacuum Bags are life savers for travelers. They keep clothes not only compact them but also stink free. Which is helpful if you are ridesharing, Couchsurfing, Airbnb, or staying at a friends house. Along with freeing up space if you are traveling with a 40-liter backpack.


Lesson #3: Bring a water bottle
Besides the toxic BPA, Plastic water bottles get expensive really fast. Better to bring a reusable one that can be easily cleaned and withstand abuse. You WILL save a shitload of money.
Lesson #4: Bring a smartphone.
I am going to state the obvious here. SMARTPHONES MAKES TRAVELING SO MUCH EASIER. You can take pictures, surf the net, make calls, play games, read books, etc, etc. I would advise bringing an adapter to connect your thumb drive to your smartphone. That way you can store pictures, videos, and recordings in case something happens to your phone (lost, stolen, damaged, or hacked). A cloud is also an option but they cost a lot in data, storage, and signal if you are in a dead zone. I advise using the Gorilla Thumb Drive for they can take abuse. Along with a solar power battery charger when the battery is about to die.


Lesson #5: Google Translate saves lives.
As Voltaire stated long ago "Common Sense is not common". If you are going to places like Miami, Tokyo, Berlin, or even Rio de Janeiro, you need to speak the local tongue. Even though English is popular it is too difficult for many to speak it (in Miami, a lot of Cubans, Mexicans, and Haitians hate English for the complex structure and tone. Many call English the "tongue of sadism". Studying both Spanish and French is by far easier than English I can tell you what). So I advise you to download Google Translate and the local language. That way you can avoid misinterpretation that can lead to many disasters.
These are the basic I take with me. I know it is not hardcore like the others on Squat the Planet. But it sure does help me in my travels.​
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Aug 6, 2014
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Cheyenne WY
Yeah these days I tend to carry a little more.For several years that was my usual load out.I've looked at those powerbanks and also solar chargers that fold out.I tend to be pretty rough on my gear getting on and off trains and such.

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