Potty training a puppy while living in a van? (1 Viewer)


Sep 18, 2012
Anyone done it before? Any tips?

I know the basic principles will be the same as in a sedentary environment, but did you have any problems with not always having a patch of grass nearby, or the fact it's likely to often be a different spot every time, so the pup doesn't have his usual place to get used to scent wise like if he had his own yard?
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Feb 16, 2017
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My puppy has been potty trained in a van. Used piddle pads for accidents and other than that it’s the same as getting them to not piss in the house. My pup also learned pretty quick to use grass if he could but is totally willing to use concrete if no grass is around


Dec 10, 2017
Dogs are so adaptable and communicative. If you're consistent and kind, and also listen and watch their behavior, you should be totally fine. No real specific advice, just a calming reminder that dogs tend to figure shit out and find some way of telling you what they need :) Good luck!


Oct 24, 2015
Exeter, United Kingdom
my buddy trains his dogs crapping by putting them overnite in a large animal cage with comfy bedding on oneside and food and water the other.... he said basically the pup will whine to be let out rather than foul his own food and bedding and when he does then you take him outside for a minute... the cage is in the vehicle near the owner (and log burner) so the dog is content / near the master and not stressing...... also if you walk the dog regularly morning and night then they get a routine going with they waste product's, and all is well, many 'travellers' neglect this part and wonder why there's dog shit everywhere nearby !

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