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  • Just saw Shellac. Fucking awesome.
    one of my old friends we used to make each other mixes and swap burnt CDs; was one of my favorite bands they introduced me to. cant say i know their whole discography though. what was their show like?
    It was really good. I'm not familiar with all of their stuff really either, but I've always liked em a lot. I would say they were actually better live than recorded. They talked a lot and interacted a lot with the audience which made the show feel pretty nice and intimate/honest. And they also rocked out man. Their drummer is awesome to watch. They've got that chemistry you get sometimes with a three piece band too.
    that's facts. i fuck with husker du a lot, another 3 piece. but the real key is that they were better live than recorded. i been to a million shows so you're speaking my language. i gotta try to catch them sometime
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