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Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
OTOH, Portland has one of the best bicycle/pedestrian infrastructures in the country - Pitts can only do so much with those freaking mtns (signed PO'd when visiting Pitts and am rather regulated to trails along the river).


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I haven't spent too much time in Pittsberg but my short time there I can say its pretty much not Portland. And I know Portland.. Too well. We have a shitty relationship ever since I dumped her, said fuck you and moved to Minnesota. lol Actually, now that I think of it, Minneapolis is more like Portland really, even if it pains me to say that its kinda true.

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Blue is the new Pink...Grey is the new black...hahah

Maybe Pittsburgh is like what Portland was 10 years ago...not the new Portlandia Portland, which has been ruined by yuppies and hipsters and money from somewhere...what happened to the grimy working class port city with dirty diners...maybe thats how pits is like pdx now...but the today show probably ruined in.....coming next Pittsburghlandia!


Apr 20, 2007
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eastern shore of Maryland
pittsburgh is EAST COAST workin class old industrial town..... portland is hip......not to say there arent similarities... and you can't really generalize any city because of the diversity of people who live in em..... but don't go comparin my east coast jawnts to those west coast jawnts.....

Johnny P

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Portland used to be the West Coast working class port town, it's just recently become "hip" It still is a very large port city with shipments of grain leaving the busiest grain terminal on the west coast bound for china and russia...everytime a grain shipment doesn't leave Portland a hipster should shed a tear


Oct 23, 2006
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novosivirsk, russia
Blue is the new Pink...Grey is the new black...hahah
Fat is the new skinny, dumb is the new smart, and drunk is the new sober.
No, fuck the west coast cities. The only reason I tolerate them is that the weather is comparatively passable in the winter. East Coast, you are talking an older culture, more history, older buildings, less tweakers, actual alleys (ever noticed Portland has no alleys for the most part), more genuine people, yeah I could go on

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