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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
Hey folks, this thread is to suggest movies to watch for this year's jamboree. Any suggestions should be related to travel culture in some way, although shorts/skits/youtube videos between movies can be just about anything.

What travel related movies do you think others need to see?
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May 24, 2016
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AMERICAN HONEY: Andrea Arnold's outsider perspective on wayward Midwestern youth.
ON THE ROAD: Perfectly serviceable adaptation of the Kerouac novel.
SCARECROW: There are few things better than Gene Hackman and Al Pacino as road frenemies...
WALKABOUT: Nicolas Roeg classic about two Australian kids lost in the Outback.
WILD: Jean-Marc Vallée's adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's Pacific Crest Trail memoir.
WENDY & LUCY: Traveler gets waylaid in Oregon.

As a bonus, a few good films about vagrants:

DARK DAYS: Doc on NYC's "Mole People."
HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT: A gritty tour through star Arielle Holmes's former life.
THE LOVERS ON THE BRIDGE: A painter and a fire-breather find love on the streets of Paris.


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Oct 24, 2015
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Exeter, United Kingdom
have you come across the World Traveller Adventures trilogy - 3 films about the European Free Party scene... first one is about Desert Storm Sound System traveling to Bosnia during the war taking aid and trying to put on parties for the local youth... second one is Total Resistance taking a convoy of vehicles from Europe to India... third one is a group of French guys travelling to Africa to kick start the rave scene over there..... I don't know how you guys feel about raves in the US but the free party / teknival scene was a massive underground / DIY phenomenon across Europe in the 90's and 00's.... any way this series did get a proper DVD release at some point but i expect it's on YouTube in the usual grainy, compressed to fuck format if you wanna have a look.......

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