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Feb 14, 2010
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Oxford, United States
Hey just looking for a traveling crew to tag along with. pretty much a green horn but have exp squatting n busking n what not. anyways it would be me and my friend. looking to leave in april. heading out of utah. would be cool to travel with some familiar faces to those of you who have met me while you were traveling through here. want some good friends to show me the ropes.
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Jul 16, 2008
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Redding, CA
well, its hard to travel with more than 3 people. the group ends up seperated alot. So i would look for one social traveler who has basic experience that is willing to take on two newbies. My advise is to read as much as you can on this site before traveling with anyone. NO ONE will baby sit you or take care of you. It's also not about showing you the ropes. Its someone willing to let you follow them around and then you learn from observing him. Observation will teach you everything you need to know, how to spange, busk, hitchhike, fly a sign, and how to respect other people and their bounderies.

A huge thing on the road is respect and knowing how to keep your mouth shut when you dont know what your talking about or when its non of your business. here's a big tip, even if you dont like someone dont make them an enemy. Most people you meet on the road you will see again so keep it neutral or friendly. Oh, and allways be calm and respectful to cops and locals even if they hate you, you never know what kind of town your in and it may be the one place you dont want to irritate someone, it tends to get your whole crew in trouble.

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Now im housed up in a suite for three days. Two bedroom, two different direction facing balconies, pet friendly, and a kitchen. Thank god for CAA coverage. Smartest thing ive done in months. Covers 600$ worth of lodging and food for 72 hours from "incident". That being my truck being inoperable. This doesnt fix the problem but holy fuck do i need this.
Holy fuck I missed being back out here. Tour’s been fucking amazing so far, and getting to see so many old friends and making some new ones has been fantastic.
Off day between Salt Lake City, UT and Reno, NV today. Gonna try to find a campsite for us tonight and I’m excited to sleep under the stars ✨
Holed up in the shop property for the third day. Fried 6 eggs and made some toast for myself and my dog. Something to spice up the dog kibble life. Poured myself the cheap rum and rootbeer drink. Buddy from the insurance/license place brought me some ice :D But there is no sunshine and rainbows. This is survival. This isnt intagram. It was dark and frustrating and cramped, with that side of lonely. Tomorrow we move.
Looking for a few people to join me in an off grid wilderness community. Have hydroelectric and small solar.
Almost died a fiery horrific death when the wiring crossed an shorted in the camper, had to jump in the water to save my dog from drowning when a current was pulling him under roots and branches (one of the most heartwrenching experiences of my life), and i fucked the engine in my truck on the mountain highways. Repairs are going to be expensive and take long. Thats kindof how my summer is going. Beats jail but just barely
Just covered about 500 mi in 12 hrs by train. Two hot as fuck IMs under a full moon. Only one stop was made...an unexpected siding in the exact place i wanted to be.
I'm finally headed out on the road and out of this state as a renowned painter's assistant in a month. I cannot wait for my childhood dream of travelling as a visual artist of some sort to become true. Hats off to you, Mayosky. Bless your fuckin heart man. Ya saved me.
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