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Feb 26, 2020
(hii i don't use forums much, so please forgive me if it isn't done right. admins feel free to delete) So a friend just gifted me a Miyata 610. I'm helping another friend get down to NOLA from Portland at the end of next month and I want to ride my bike back home I think.

Currently I don't know what i'm doing AT ALL. ive been homeless before, slept in bushes and stuff but I've always floated around inside a city. and when i got out of the city, it was because i had a car. this is a big and daunting journey but i feel like i need it.

i'm having a friend help me with getting the bike fixed up and working well, but they don't know anything about saddle bags and stuff. there's a lot of information about everything out there!

anyway, if anyone has any advice for a first timer, or some encouraging words, that'd be lovely. i havent told any of my friends or my partner about this plan yet.
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Timothy Englert

Feb 2, 2017
Buffalo Ny
Start out with small overnight trips if you can, you'll figure it out..tons of advice on U-Tube......
One important thing is your back wheel and drive train. Get it respoked with the strongest spokes they have if you can afford it. It will cost around $100 bucks but it's cheaper than blowing spokes on the road and having a bike shop fix it. I got for $200 a back wheel custom built with 36 spokes instead of 32 a double walled rim and super strong spokes.......

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