Jim Stobe has passed (1 Viewer)


Aug 6, 2014
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Cheyenne WY
Don't have a lot of info yet.Apparently he was killed in some kind of train accident in or around Baltimore.I know some people didn't like him much,but the man sure rode some miles.Hoping that westbound has lots of beer for ya bro.
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Oct 15, 2013
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Bellingham, WA
What a shame.

Here's what info I could dig up on Facebook:

screen-shot-2017-11-10-at-3-03-39-pm-png.39650_Jim Stobe has passed_Obituaries_Squat the Planet_3:20 PM

This and Shoestring's recent accident should serve as a reminder that even experienced riders aren't immune to freak accidents. Please be careful out there, folks.


Aug 6, 2014
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Cheyenne WY
That's so true.I'm still sort of at a loss.Thanks for filling in the details.It's a dangerous ride we ride for sure.
Jun 14, 2016
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Cincinnati ,OH
no way!

definitely will drink some drinks tonight in his memory, as mentioned you never know what will happen experience only gets you so far.

so sad to hear, stay safe out there kids. you just never know.


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I deleted myself
Do you think some fuckers pushed him over because they had some stupid idea that hid videos were , " burning the rails" . Which is complete bull shit. How did he fall? Drunk? Wtf man. I loved his videos. He made me want to start posting some of my own. Rip .


Dec 25, 2008
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outside omaha
If It did happen there should be a news article or video about it. But I can't find it.


I deleted myself
For the last almost 2 years i have been watching stobie throw down in a grump cinematic charector i related too. His views on trains, society, beer food and all the banter,most recent favorite is that episode in the reno casino video tour where *the hag in the van* called the fire dept on them. He always said how dangerous and time fonsuming it was, his last 4 months the what should i do stobie threw out there a bunch of ideas on trips, asking flr patreon or paypal donations to do a more through and planned out trip for our very eyes. It saddens me to hear this, being in correspodance with him this last year a few times, and the guy had a real good outlook, bitter and positi e at the same time.
He caught that final westbound ...


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May 6, 2014
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Brunswick, Georgia
Although Stobe never really at least documented riding an auto rack in his life, he did gain a lot of knowledge over time and even co-rode with at least one of our fellow STP members. I really thought he would pull a few thousand more miles and play it safe long enough where I would actually ride along with him. I know we lost a lot of good celebrities within the past year and a half, but it was a total blindside where I did not expect us to lose one of our own.

Per Matthew 6:13, Stobe, may the next train deliver you from evil - so you don't have to experience any more pain or suffering.



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Nov 3, 2015
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Crazy I literally just ran into his videos the day before this happened via someone from StP documenting alongside him. A good reminder to us all how dangerous shit can be, damn...rip


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Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
More on this from Mark Nichols (shoestring) fb post - he's ok btw - should have lost 4 fingers but 6 operations later and now skin grafts he lost two but now maybe three but with a lot more time in hospital from his train fall.


I'd like to take this moment to ask that you pay very close attention to this post and please just open your mind and truly absorb what I have to say.........
Since the train claimed two and now maybe three of my fingers (my left hand middle finger may now have to be amputated because of a new infection) ........ then we have the kid near Truckee, California, who fell off a well car then Stobe the Hobo who was walking on a railroad bridge when an Amtrak train came and he didn't have enough room to safely squeeze up against the bridge's side, thus Amtrak train caught his pack he was wearing and drug him to death.....and the only way he was identified was through his Coast Guard records.
These trains are not toys, nor is this a kids playground! The life we real authentic hobos live is a straight up unforgiving one! You have all sorts of living and unliving threats 100% of the time......24/7/365!

:( RIP

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