Jessi and Alan last seen with 'Nomad' in AZ/CA


Feb 20, 2019
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West Virginia
My Daughter Jessi and her Boyfriend, Alan have been missing for 10 days without contacting family members to get wired money transfer. They were giving a ride to a guy by the Alias of Nomad. Nomad was from Oregon. He has tall slight build with BLONDE HAIR. The three of them had been in CASA GRANDE AZ for several months but travelled to San Diego/Barstow/Mission Beach and were last head from on 2/10. They are in a 1995 Green Subaru Legacy Sedan. They have a black cat, Lillith that has a pink rose collar and loves to walk on a leash. If anyone has any ideas please contact me on my FB page @findingjessi. Thank you.
flyer-jpg.49042_Jessi and Alan last seen with 'Nomad' in AZ/CA_Missed Connections_Squat the Planet_2:43 PM


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Older Than Dirt

Mar 5, 2019
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Back upstate
This should go in some other section i think?

Hope they are OK, and as a father of a teenager, all you traveling dirty kids should call your parents today (unless they are serious abusers or whatever, not making light of the horrible parents out there).


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Nov 6, 2008
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According to the facebook page OP was referring to, they were found a while ago and they're fine. People really ought to update these kinds of things though...


Apr 3, 2019
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Word is that Nomad stole Mississippis van in Arkansas and this was relayed by a tag on bridge and dated .

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