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  1. AngusGBeef

    Any stories of Night-Gaunts band? (NZ)

    I'm doing a presentation on an NZ musical aspect for my music classes and I chose Night-Gaunts, I'm wondering if anyone from the NZ punk scene have any stories of them that I can use as a reference. Any stories or opinions helps even if it's a little tidbit. :)
  2. yayitsducky

    San Antionio Jan 3rd-5th layover, anyone want to get coffee/share stories?

    Heya, I'll be in San Antonio for a few days until I head up to PNW. If anyone wants to meet up, I'll get us a coffee or we can go to the park and jam. I have a drum to bang on and some polaroids of some monkeys I was working with at my most recent job <3 I'd love to meet up, but I don't know...
  3. Schnitzel

    Photos Over 700km (435 miles) through Germany on a fixed gear bike

    This is a little story I got about my first bike trip I did back in July. It took me 4 days and 1 night and I went from Düsseldorf to Munich, around 720km (447 miles for you Americans :). I'm not that great at planing trips so I just packed my bike and went for it. I followed the Rhine river...
  4. Lobostonto

    How to become a vagabond at 21

    When I was a kid, I remember school myths of “the hobo in the woods”, and we’d all snoop around this chainlink fence by the woods searching for this imaginary hobo, that probably never existed. Ironically, I am now that hobo. Except I’m not camped out by an elementary school. (That would be...
  5. Oddman

    Any of y'all got short stories about after the oil age?

    I haven't been on here much over the years, but I've been starting this new project and I thought of you folks. I'm publishing a short story magazine called New Maps. (Yeah, I'm apparently a publisher. It's weird to realize.) And I know some of you on this site are seriously creative and good...
  6. Redbeard The Rhymer

    My Latest Journey...

    So my latest journey took me around 600 miles afoot across Southwest Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia. I started out of Knoxville and walked to the Smoky Mountain National Park and proceeded to hike a series of side trails, then decided to hop on the Benton Mackeye Trail...
  7. superphoenix

    Winter Hoppers... Share Your Stories

    The closest thing to a winter hop I did was my 2nd intercity ride out from N. Bergen to Selkirk one April day, where it was almost cold enough to snow and I had my winter gear. But do any of you hop from December to March? I imagine some stay put, some stick to the South, and some just brave the...
  8. Crust Wagon

    I used to be a Nazi. Here's how I changed, and what I Learned.

    ______The title isn’t clickbait. About a year ago today, I was a diehard Nazi. To understand how it happened, I’ll give a little background into what kinda person I was, and what was going on in my life at that time. _______I had begun to take interest in right-wing politics around the age of...
  9. Durp

    Contribute stories to a boat punx zine!

    I just bought another boat, and im inspired to make a hardcopy boat punx zine! Im looking for people to contribute articles, stories, and writeups for the free print publication, and ill probably post a pdf here. If you would like to be featured in it let me know!
  10. Bungus666

    Hello! Glad to be apart of this site and hope to share stories with y’all :)

    Hello everyone, I go by rust and I I’m fairly new to this website as far as posting goes. Over the years I’ve always found myself back on this site so I figured I should make an account and participate in this wonderful community. I have lots of experience hitchhiking, hiking, and bush craft...
  11. Matt Derrick

    Library Olive Green: True stories from someone that never thought her life would ever look like this

    @Matt Derrick submitted a new file to the library: Olive Green: True stories from someone that never thought her life would ever look like this - A zine about one person's personal travels around Europe. Click here for more info!
  12. Raebyday

    trainhopping stories

    Hello StP- If you're interested in sharing please fill out this short form! Trainhopping Podcast - https://trainhoppingpodcast.castingcrane.com/
  13. Barf

    "Listen to stories about a man hopping trains in the glory days of the vagabond"

    "Listen to stories about a man hopping trains in the glory days of the vagabond" https://www.tellussomething.org/storytellers/karl-stein/ I was driving home from the park this afternoon and caught this gem on my local npr station. It is a story about a University of Montana student(in the...
  14. lazerskull

    Hi (new member) Introduction by way of stories

    Hi everyone. My name is Lazerskull. I have been hopping trains since 1995. It's been awhile since I've been back. I know there are quite a few dumbasses on the rails now selfie sticks and all hanging from the sides of box cars. I'm not one of those! I was 14 on my first ride up to Dunsmir from...
  15. Nobodyjones

    Looking for stories or advice for hopping out of edmonton canada

    Looking to be respectful and safe. Let me know if you have anything for me
  16. Thomas Walker

    Short Stories with Thomas Walker #2

    Hello once again! Once again, I have written a short story that I would like to post here for your enjoyment. This one is a little longer than the first one, but I am sure it will grasp your attention right to the end. The idea for this story was given to me by a close friend for use in a...
  17. JonTheNomad

    Walking along the Brazilian Coast

    Hey guys, So I've been meaning to write up the past couple weeks in Brazil for some time now and finally figured it was time. So here it is, I hope you guys enjoy my little write-up It started with me realizing that I felt trapped in the city. Something about Sao Paulo makes it...
  18. AestheticUtopian

    The forgotten corner of South-America (part 1)

    Hello everyone! I discovered this site and the discord just three days ago, but I am already in love with everything. Since I promised myself to 'put myself out there' I thought I'd share my experience of my first weeks in Paraguay! -Before This was going to be my first real journey, on my...
  19. CloudyESTL

    Share your greyhound/shame hound/dirty dog horror stories

    I searched for sumthing like this but couldn't find..... so anyway with out further adu ..we have .... Greyhound horror stories...yes this here is for ur wicked n sicked tales of ur time on the old flea bitten hound.... so post em if u got em.... I'm on one right darn now heading form Denver to...
  20. almostvicious

    Olive Green: The adventures of a weirdo

    Hello people, I have a weird tradition of turning my travel stories into books once a year. This year my lazy ass hasn't finished the paperback version of it but for those of you that would like to read my adventures around Europe, I attached a PDF to this thread. (p.s: the whole thing is free...