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Jul 25, 2019
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The first time I hitched i was 17. I was in an accident and told I would never walk again. You don't tell a teen they can't do something. As soon as I was out of the hospital I grabbed my crutches and hit the road. From Napa to Portland, main. I got a lot of rides from a lot of people but what I remember most is a ride from a woman named angel in a red Camero. She took me 200 miles passed where she needed to go. I had been walking across Montana for 2 days before she arrived. I had learned something though. You can "will" your body to endure anything.
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Older Than Dirt

Mar 5, 2019
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Maybe there is something with being 17 and hitching on crutches, and, in my case, a full leg cast.

I had dislocated my knee very badly, and had to hitch from northeast Connecticut to Princeton, NJ, to see my GF who was in the middle of a big crisis. Her parents hated me, so after we talked for a bit, i went to find a place to sleep, planning to meet up and hang after her parents went to work in the morning. I crashed out in a dry ditch wrapped up in a tarp.

I woke up at dawn to find about a million ants had moved into my cast as a i slept. I do not recommend this. The itching, and the general "there are fucking bugs crawling on me!" skeeve, were fucking horrible.

A looooong, hot shower, after the GF's parents finally went to work, flushed the little bastards out. A very long couple hours that i remember very vividly 43 years later.

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