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Very cool info for you two wheel travelers

First a new facebook group - "DIY Bikepacking and Bicycle Touring" - started by a friend who has been bicycle traveling solid for the past two years and he was looking for other people - I have connected a few of you here with him (Kuba Jennes) - so he started one up and people are joining. It is a closed group so you will have to ask to be added.

Community Bicycle Organizations

What it is - this list is a collection of information from around the world. Some posts have little info while others are pretty descriptive. Ignore the $/membership as there is no fees via the header information below. And there's one place listed on there for Rochester - and I know they are a not for profit organization and the $/membership appears there too - I think it's the form they use to enter their info.

The main face is a list of organizations by Country - but if you hit the first link "Google Maps" - you get a cool visual of a pinned map of all these places and their information.


The list below uses the criteria found in the old Bicycle Organization Organization Project for what constitutes a community bike shop, namely:

  • Non-profit bicycle organizations
  • Bike shops that are accessible to people without money
  • Shops that have an educational focus, teaching others how to fix bikes
  • Shops that are volunteer run
  • Organizations that ship bikes to communities in other countries.
  • Shops that provide free or low-cost services to the community.
  • Organizations that recycle bicycles and parts

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