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Mar 27, 2014
By the Foul Arts of Necromancy, I command this thread to Riiiisee~

I've got a beat-up Dell laptop that weighs about five pounds, has a cracked screen, runs a shitty OS, and is mostly full of video games and weird Japanese shit. Still bringing it, if only because I'm too attached to it to pawn it off.
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Apr 13, 2014
Vancouver, Canada
I use a tablet. Was robbed a few months ago and it got stolen, buuuut I bought another. I like electronics, the Internet, and especially how they are becoming more compact and practical for travelling.

It cost me about 170 bucks, woulda been half of that had I bought it back in North America. It is beautiful for maps, books, downloading films, meeting people, getting information on where I'm going, weather reports, communicating back home, keeping up on my blog, vidya games, music... Probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

The Internet can be stupid, if you make it so. It can be the entire human races library and global consciousness at your fingertips if you let it. It all depends on what you want out of it.

There are always those against electronics on the road, especially tablets and computers. I also like dropping the screens and being in nature without worrying about the obvious problems with having such things, but I also like having the choice. It's all about balance, really.

I'm looking forward to electronics becoming greener, more accessible to us on the road, and I'm always going to keep myself informed about what's coming next. Others will take different paths, and they are free to do what they will, of course.

tyler harmon

Aug 24, 2011
make sure you keep it dry ive went through 3 or 4 laptops on the road due the weather. and pad it in your pack well, best of wishes


Feb 21, 2014
San Francisco, United States
Okay, before you all bite my head off, hear me out........

Sure, it would suck if it got stolen. But it would suck if anything I own got stolen.

I'm pretty sure the rewards outweigh the risks here. Thoughts?

I'm currently rocking a toshiba chromebook.

and far from biting your head off, I think it's a great idea. I have linux installed on mine, so this is the tool I use to do...everything really. I find tons of free books, music, shitty $150 computer is the portal through which all knowledge is open to me. I spend HOURS every day learning about various subjects. I read, read, read, read...and get inspired. Like, it never would have occured to me that I could make polypropeline rope sandals myself. I wouldn't be able to listen to my favorite anarchist radio stations offline. (against the grain, the final straw). I wouldn't be able to download a bunch of stp pdfs, or even use this website that easily. LIke, the whole fucking world is at my fingertips. Do it. I worked a few weeks at this cabinet making place, enduring holier-than-thou christians and backbreaking labor in order to get a used laptop. Was sooooooo worth it. TEDx talks all day! make my own sheet music! the entire andrew jackson jihad discography! learning how to code! life is this endless adventure of learning, and all from behind a dumpster! and the best thing...I don't need google, microsoft, or apple! I can do all this without sacrificing my ideals, because I'm using linux. :) total support from this total windbag. Thanks for reading.

Matt Derrick

Permanent Wanderer
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
on a side note, i've had like 8 laptops, a dozen phones, and several tablets over the past 10+ years of traveling and i've never broken a single one. i guess I'm just careful?

oh wait, i take that back, this year i broke my first electronic doodad getting on a train this year with @Chaeliegh , but it was just a cheap old nook ereader i got a few years ago for like $35 bucks.


Apr 6, 2013
That is still a good record considering the number of laptops, phones, gadgets etc...
Might be useful information to place in your stp book?
How to travel with and protect your electronics on the road.

Kim Chee

I closed my account
How to travel with and protect your electronics on the road.

That is a great title for the thread you're talking about.

I bring a camera and a phone or whatever, these items are small and I think I have a good chance of not damaging them while traveling. I think traveling would be less fun with any electronics larger than a tablet.

...waiting for the day when I see E waste piled on top of liquor bottles and needles in the jungle.


Jun 26, 2014
Bonn, Germany
Interesting Thread ... ;)
I'm not travelling right now, but I'd like to share my two cents of thought. For everyday use outside I have a Thinkpad X60. Got it used for 150€ a few years ago (might be cheaper now).
  • slim (12" screen 1024x768)
  • lightweight
  • robust
  • changeable battery
  • excellent keybord (!)
  • easy maintainance (changing harddrive is a matter of 2 minutes)
  • 1024x768 screen
  • no cd/dvd
  • mine has a single core processor so not the fastest machine on earth
Here another photo with a pack of cigarettes for scale:
I like it. As said, not the fastest machine but if you only do web, email and text editing it's quite okay. I worked (programming) using my X60 for a few days as my T61 died and my new (used) T was shipping ... ;)

Other thoughts:

Of course there is a risk your notebook gets lost or broken or stolen. So get a cheap one. I think you could get one for free if you ask around. There are so much unused old notebooks out there, just ask. Then install Linux and choose to encrypt the harddrive. Isn't important if you only use your notebook to listen to your music or to surf the web. But if you use it to email, store photos or personal documents you don't want strangers to see ... encrypt the harddisk. You'll have to enter a passphrase every time you start it up before the operating system is about to boot but if the machine is lost you don't have to worry if someone will read your email or alike...

When it comes to stealing: electronic equipment is cheap nowadays. Of course there a desperade people out there. But it's not as if someone has no shoes and steals your worn out sneakers just to get along. If someone steals your computer it is most probably for selling it to get money. So make your machine as much unalluring to a potential customer as possible. Put stickers on it. Use your magic marker on it. It doesn't matter how it looks like for you, right? But it would be hard to sell such a piece of shitty notebook. :D A decent looking MacBook on the other hand ... I think you get the point ...
Just my two cents ...

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