1. WildVirtue

    Questions from a bio-primitivist on how do social anarchists hope to maintain positive liberties?

    I'm a left-anarchist, but I wanted to copy the questions of a bio-primitivist here who thinks the only hope for humanity is an anti-tech revolution. I'll link this post to them so they can see any answers people give and they might reply themselves or I could potentially quote some of their...
  2. spikey ohara

    New Here: looking for a squat in mainland europe

    hey guys, im a 19 year old kid just out of school looking to grow as a person by exploring new environments and cultures before i begin college. i want to move out of Dublin as soon as possible, and am afraid to do so without a solid place to sleep in as im new to the scene. i would love to find...
  3. Cracker

    Anarchy is actually far right

    I see the attack on free speech in the US coming from the left and true liberalism moving to the right. There's a weird shift going on in america. College campuses are brainwashing the youth and it's crazy because I see a lot of socialist claiming to be anarchist. The whole thing is crazy to...
  4. black

    Intentional Communities: What is your experience with putting Anarchism and Communalism into action?

    Have any of you have long-term or even just short-term experience with an intentional community? Did you follow a certain model of organization? Was anarchism, communism, or any far left ideas part of the equation? Were you in an urban setting? Suburban? Rural? Did you garden, farm, build...
  5. black

    what political ideology makes most sense to you?

    any particular sub-set?