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  1. roguetrader

    Barcelona Bonus

    many years ago, long before I had a kid in school and a full time job, the world was almost my oyster.... I've lived in vehicles for a long ol' time and where possible we used to escape the English winter by heading South to Spain and Portugal.. I think it was early 2005 and we had just rolled...
  2. kikiami

    reciclar barcelona/ dumpster diving

    I know there is a little map on the webs of where and when there are good dumpsters around Barcelona. Anyone know where I might find this website? ¿Alguien sabe el sitio web que tiene el horario y la ubicación de un buen reciclaje para alimentos, etc.?
  3. kikiami

    Barcelona, street art, shenanigans and european meanderings

    Hey folx, Im headed to Barcelona again this week, Im headed to stay in experimental or another okupy where i can make plant sculptures reflecting bioremediation practices and paint murals... if there are any dear hearts about that want to drink tea/make art/be silly and kind/create...
  4. T


    Hello! Me and my boyfriend. we're hitchhiking around Europe and we're now in Barcelona. We are trying so hard to find a okupa and someone told us about experimental teca, but we don't know where it is and we would like to be in some okupa more close to the center. Do you know some nice okupas...
  5. Belle Amie


    MY DEAREST FRIENDS DOG WAS STOLEN IN THE CITY OF BARCELONA PLEASE HELP VARG IS MORE THAN A COMPANION TO ME AND HIPPIE. Description: Large German Shepherd, RED bandana around neck (answers to german commands) Name: VARG Originally from: Germany
  6. Charles Johnson

    From San Sebastian to Barcelona

    We got dropped off in Tarega or whatever its called. A very small town 2 hours away from Barcelona. We got pissed Fell asleep in somekind of a field Woke up reaaal early when the sprinkler I had fallen asleep on sprinkled right into my ear. GOOD MORNING!
  7. almond

    starting an experimental band in barcelona

    Anyone with friends or contacts with musical want-to or know-how or just nice noise making messy people, get in touch. I´m looking to expand my book of familiar faces and find some new and interesting musical chemistry with some nnnnnnew folks. Living in a social center in Barna. Have rehearsal...
  8. BobbinGoblin


    Anybody there next week? [sorry about the cross-posting]