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Dec 26, 2010
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Hell yeah @Engineer J Lupo !
Crime pays but Botany Doesn't makes me fucking smile, and take a load off.
You know him??

Seriously, that dude's train of thought is the shit. Ramblin' about riding freight trains, while identifying plants in between with the whole "SQUIRREL!" dog mentality, almost.
Yeah that's my boy! If you read my Boxcar Party story, he's in the last quarter of it or so. He was a conductor when I was an engineer. Oddly, I met him at a bum gathering under the old oak tree at the Roseville catchout. He was a long time train rider who got hired on a couple years after I did. He had an old friend who was homebumming that catchout for a while named Gonzo. Gonzo was an old school ftra dude, one of the good ones though. Heart of gold, he's since taken the westbound. Gonzo introduced us and I immediately remembered seeing him in the Oakland yard office before, he was being a smart ass to the crew who he was assigned to because they just didn't get his personality and they had a really bad trip together. He was there student conductor at that time.

Anyway, when Gonzo introduced us it just seemed like we were meant to be friends. Here I was, an engineer who had befriended the hobos and started riding with them. He was a hobo who was starting his career as a conductor. We kept in touch and one day he asked if I wanted to ride BNSF from Richmond to Chicago, which is all written up in Boxcar Party.

I was a subscriber when he had like 17 or some shit like that. It's so dope to see his channel grow to 105,000 and counting. He's a really good human being, one of my favorite people ever. We're not super tight these days but he's still the homie.
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Jun 3, 2019
Some Links to some of the fellas use have mentioned, thanks. Also for others who may be interested.

Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't

Hobo Shoestring's freight train hopping videos

Not sure who @Zbart1108 was referring too but this channel was found, seen this guy on here before too..


Ed Pratt

Dunno if this is the Railroad Ron mentioned...

John E. Ringo

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Apr 19, 2019
FIrst one is not a hobo per se, but GeoWizard's "Mission Across Wales" video is a really interesting travel series where he tries to cross an entire country in a straight line. Lots of fence hopping and creative maneuvering. Supposedly, he'll be coming out with new, similar content soon-ish.

Ilya Bondarev has a wild series where he hops from one end of Russia to the other (and some vids from the US/Brazil as well).Turn on those English captions if you don't speak Russian!

Lately, I've been watching Autonomous Playground's vids of crossing Mexico by freight. Very cinematic series.

Also, Wizehop, come back!


Apr 19, 2019
Forgot to add shiey, speaking of Eastern Europeans. The only issue is he really only hops between the same two cities, so if you've seen one hopping video, you've seen 'em all. The channel has some good urban exploring content otherwise

Also, Insiders Project has incredible content related to urban exploring around Ukraine, and episode 5 has a bit of freight hopping there. The series is on Amazon but you can get a 30-day free trial, or you can buy that specific episode for probably like $2. (Don't know the lads, I just really like their series)

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