Why is the world so divided? (1 Viewer)


Aug 9, 2018
I understand the basic reasons, power, greed, land and resources.

Why is the world so full of fuckery for so long? What can we do to resist the bullshit?
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Dec 12, 2014
@Hudson I mean, are you talking about like, recently? Or like, since modern day society became a thing?

Human beings (particularly white anglo-saxon ones) are probably one of the worst species to exist on this planet....ever.

I really wish the whole 'hunter-gatherer Nomadic' culture would have persisted throughout history. The age of agriculture was the beginning of the end of this planet.

As you can probably tell, I care more for the Planet than I do for Humanity. This is why I am engaging in, and promoting Pagan-type belief systems. Early teachings that consider the relationship between humanity and the land sacred. To treat everything with respect, and only take as much as you need. To show humility, and appreciation for what you receive. To rely more on trade/barter rather than a currency.

Some causes in my mind, of the fuckery? Consumerism, Capitalism, the concept of money (not trade), Organized Religion, Class-Cast systems, the lack of knowledge of basic human survival skills...which is purposefully implemented to increase reliance on government and corporations.....small buisness is fucking gone after the COVID thing is over.

I have been reading this book, 'God is Red' which is about the history of Native American oppression and assimilation into 'American' society....it also talks about how NA's view spirituality and 'God' compared to christianity, and how fucked up it was for their people to have to encounter white colonialism.

It relates alot to this thread. It has really cast a very dark shadow on this country for me.

How are we going to fix it? We cant. Short of an ACTUAL global semi-extinction event (next one will be climate change), there is no way in hell we are going to be able to get along with one another enough to enact global, or even National, change.

I mean, look at the last 4 years...we actually succeeded in getting WORSE, we almost damn near reinstituted fascism for god sake.

It's on the individuals now, it's on everyone to make their own changes, IMO. That will be a saving grace, if there is any. Use less, live more, dont accept the reality that is given to you, make your own.

I hate hearing people say, 'oh man, I really wanted 'X' in life, but I'm stuck with 'Y'....whaddya gonna do? That's life.'

Nah. Fuck that. That, right there, is exactly what this current system wants to hear, to cement and further its grip on humanity.

We also need to further our fight for equality and human rights. They are slowly running out of ways to keep us bigoted/divided as a species.

Oh. And stop having kids. People can stop having so many fucking kids. Seriously. I just heard a story about a woman in Idaho who is on her 12th. That should be illegal.

Woof....that was alot. Rant over.
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Jan 28, 2008
The woods
Because everyone's an asshole... Just kidding, because .oo1% of the population has created a system where they not only stay rich, but actually become massively richer by doing absolutely nothing and it fits their interests to have the rest of us fighting each other instead of demanding a 90%tax rate on capital gains.


Jan 21, 2017
Naples, Fl
There is nothing you can do about it. You can't control the world around you but you do control yourself. This is why I became a hobo. It's my way of dealing with this fucked up world. To quote the great George Carlin the planet has been here for billions of years and will be here billions more. WE are fucked!

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