where the farm punx at? (1 Viewer)


Sep 21, 2012
the northcountry
Looking for farmers who are punks and punks who are farmers. After my gig as a circus cook wraps up at the end of august im trying to find work on a farm, and id rather it be one with radical values, dirty kids and diy systems. This wouldn't be my first time at the rodeo either, ive done a fair piece of animal and crop raising, can do tractor work, handweeding, basic butchery, balance rations and build fences. If you've got a farm project that needs extra hands let me know, if you've got a farm project that doesn't need extra hands let me know as well, i want to meet yall.
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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
hmmm sorry i don't know more, but ive always heard about "circle a" farm which i think is in gainesville, fl? im not sure. might be something to go on though. if you find out more, please come back and share with us!


Mar 27, 2014
Shut Up and Grow It I have heard of. I think I called Circle A. It was either in North Carolina or California.


Oct 23, 2006
novosivirsk, russia
I usually work apple and pear harvest starting mid August, I,LLC prob have a vehicle this year. If yourebintetesyed in sharing gas Costa and rise getting it in touch fuck this phone byways. Like 13 bid am hour up

Rob Nothing

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Aug 26, 2012
171 Market St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA

guy I hitched from was working on a sustainable // organic farm down in in e wa. started out as an internship. some might provide housing some definitely wnot. but it is something I'll be looking into soonish.

there is also heifer international, or something like that I've never bothered to look it up. but they do a lot of volunteer farming a lot like the wwoof system. some other dude I met leanrt a lot from them farming in arkansas


Apr 30, 2014
Check out the intentional community website, ic.org. There, you can do an advanced search for a community that matches what youre looking for. 9 times out of 10, a community will have some sort of working farm, and 9.5 times out of 10, most of the people are radical/liberal.

Theres one here in VA I know of called Twin Oaks. Once you get in, you stay for as long as you like (although they set a capacity limit of roughly 100 people which is usually met). The process for getting in is pretty much the same for all communities .. send an intro email, if they like ya, yall can set up a trial visit, then if they still like ya, youve got a home for as long as ya like.

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