Whats up dudes im new


Feb 1, 2018
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Bedford Tx, United States
Born, raised, and stuck in Colorado Springs for way to long. Thankfully though after being back for over a year and doing basically nothing with my life, I'm finally about to gtfo! I'm headed to Bedford tx at first to visit a friend but I really just want to work and save enough money to keep traveling and stay the hell away from snow when this next winter comes.

Rhubarb Dwyer

Fragrant Vagrant
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Apr 30, 2016
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If you start reading through the forums here, you might actually learn to travel without money.
See you 'round

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Roommate: "Didn't you have second thoughts when you saw that she had "trouble" tattooed on her arm? "
Me: "Well, no..."
Roommate: "How about when she said the cops were after her?!"
Me: "Well, you know...no...."
I made it all the way to Dallas! I spent my weekend in a motel for Easter, and had a pretty good time.
So I found this nice, wooded park in a safe suburb of Dallas, right? Well there’s a lot of what might be poison ivy. Okay, so I find that I’m near a bridge with a small creek near it.

Then the Hobo Gods decided my string of very good luck needed Thanos-style balance. I get my sleeping bag out, and that little shit rolls down the hill, into the river, and drifts away forever. RIP
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I would bow and shield my eyes in the presence of that beard's brilliance...
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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday
After some serious roadblocks i am about to be on the open road again. With Charcoal of course. In my blue 96 chevy and even older box camper in search of plug ins and showers we roll. Taking a quick trip to Winnipeg, leaving Thunder bay on the 26th then down Toronto way sometime after that. Hit me up if you know youre gonna be on the way. Cheers.
don't cry baby life ain't fair
Just got a ride to Eugene. Looking likely I will spend the night there.
Dropped off at a rest stop just before Albany, OR. Hopefully I can get a longer ride before the sun goes down.
Short ride to Albany. Hopefully I get longer ones from there.

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