What's the best van for offroading? Needs to fit a bed (1 Viewer)

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May 31, 2011
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Riverdale Park, United States
Ive got a rear wheel drive astro and i take it down some gnarly texas roads for my winter job. Never got stuck. Its a heavy ass vehicle on a truck chasis w a silverado engine (6cyl). My only complaints are the low clearance and the engine is turned sideways so working on it is pretty tight and difficult.
low clearance is def an issue.
Dec 28, 2019
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on the move
my current van is 97 ford bought it for 2000 in vancouver washington, and have lived in it for about 3 years, before that a dodge ram 1500 v6 bought for around 2000 ( cant really remember) lived in it for around 4 years in portland oregon, before that a chevy 1984 bought in in phx, az for 1400, drove it off and on for about 10 years.
I spend tons of time on back roads as i write this i am in the woods / mountians in northwest nevada. i have gotten stuck a couple of times both in nevada and norhern az. it cost me $200 - $300 each time to get someone to pull me out. but it mostly about learning when a road was too rough or too wet, or too icy, or too sandy for me to be able to get in and out. also buying better jacks to dig myself out.
you dont need an expensive vehicle, just experience and gear will help alot. a good jack, and a winch could do wonders.
also if your looking for a van i have a low miles van i use to store some extra gear, that i really need to get rid of. bought it for $3300. it need some work. brakes, and leaking power steering fluid like a mother fucker. also the ignition has been cracked at some point. not a big deal, has an alarm system. i would be willing to let it go for super cheap to someone who wanted to put the work in to get it road ready. i bought it for a van to drive while my current van was in the shop. don't need it, and it is just another bill that i have to pay to store.

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