What would you put in your 72-Hour food bag? (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2010
Anywhere, USA
hell. it's just 3 days. kind of depends on if you are talking about walking or riding train etc. When I've done 3 day backpack trips, i usually bring this.
1/2 to 1 gallon whiskey/vodka (or some everclear or moonshine)
a jar of peanut butter
a 6 pack of ramen
6+ pouches of tuna/chicken
a bunch of instant oatmeal
salami or beef jerkey
big thing of drink mix
a whole mess of tea and candy for energy.
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canned beans and raviolli and spagettios are great and most of the time super cheap, and hot damn i love them, but compared weight wise to other stuff its just not worth it for me. i carry a big pack as is and my food weighing me down is not a good look. it would really depend on whether or not you have a cook set, or you want to eat cold, or if you have a 9 pound cast iron skillet you want to latch to your ass for 3 days. if yer walking tortillas are always better then bread for me. unless its good baked bread, but even that doesnt last long. instant noodles like ramen or the more pricey vegan fancy ones are great because they are light and cheap, but i need to eat 3 or packs of those to even feel remotely full if im moving around all day. canned tuna/herring/sardines are a staple for a reason, they are cheap, they are light, and good golly miss molly a little hot sauce and they are all delicious and full of energy. peanut butter is of course great too. i was recently recomended using 35mm film canisters for storing spices, if you have a decent compact cookset this works even better as you can fit the canister into the set. i would never haul around potatoes on my back for 3 days, a single russet would take 2 hours to boil up decent with my set. the rice-aroni in a bag generic "just add butter" kind of bags are really cool too, even without butter most of them taste half decent, and its alot of food for the 99 cents they cost usually. summer sausages/hard lunch meats like off brand salamis are great too, not only for food but they rip out your anus too and thats always fun. rice is ok, same with cous cous and quinoa its just pretty bland to me, but that could be fixed by a few peppers or a big mamma sausage. bring whatever the hell you want to eat, but i wouldnt recomend bring a dozen fresh eggs, a ribeye, and a black of soft cheese.


Sep 26, 2012
Chillicothe. OH
1- large peanut butter jar that it half eaten. this way you can throw any number of dehydrated fruits, nuts, honey, granola, candy or any other shit you can find around. I've been doing this one for years. just a jar of random shit, this is packed with sugar, protein, carbs and some vitamins and minerals if you dont just throw junk food in there. it lasts for a pretty decent amount of time.

2 - packs of ramen or rice and a can of beans to throw on the pocket stove. good for fiber and carbs/protein. quinoa is a power grain since it has so much protein but its also a bit more expensive and some people dont like the texture.

3 - BREAD. you can dip a dirty old bread heel in just about anything and it tastes alright. i'm kind of a garbage bin of an eater hence my nickname "SCRAPS" they call me scraps yall. ill eat anything.

4 - SALT is an essential mineral. the Himalayan salt is GANGSTER. Some people say a lot of salt can be bad, but if you live like a fuckin animal you can fuck wit some salt. salt's actually proven NOT to cause high blood pressure and other health problems.

5 - big ol water jug

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