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May 30, 2018
Miami, FL
After ten years I need a new small, flat case to carry small, flat items. To start this thread I'll share three items, but I hope this starts an interesting thread about how everyone deals with document/dollar storage and transport. I favor a small wallet in my front pocket, but I'm interested in reinventing how I carry these things.

1. Duct Tape Trifold/Bifold Wallet
Simple. Cheap. Sturdy. Easy to repair. This link isn't the best because there are several inconsistencies between the product info & photos on amazon. The biggest benefit is that I can build my own customized to my specs. The biggest drawback is that it's gonna look like a sloppy piece of shit.

2. Pacsafe RFIDsafe TEC Trifold Wallet & TEC Passport Wallet
These appear sturdier and more secure than similar items. They are also inexpensive, relative to similar items. If I chose to purchase from REI, I would likely get both of these... trifold for every day, passport for travel.

3. Moleskine JOURNEY Hard Pouch
I looked at Moleskin because I frequently use (but do not regularly carry) sketchbooks/notebooks for writing & drawing. I'd probably use the small/med for daily carry and the travel-kit for... well, travel. I like these because I can choose to carry small pens/pencils or other utilitarian things.
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I had used one of these minimalist sailcloth wallets until it wore out. There are several companies doing it now but I think this dude is the OG who started out sewing in his apt or garage or something. I actually still have it & had been sold on the idea that they would repair/replace it if need be. I got mine from like a popup/flashion fleamarket in Boston from the founder whos business is in Maine. I gave him $5 & two PBR cans and we were both psyched. I think I got a few years out of it and as of today will attempt to have it repaired/replaced.
They now have a more corporate presence online & an established warranty policy here.


They can actually be found cheaper through retail channels such as; https://www.ems.com/flowfold-minimalist-card-holder-wallet/30808300024.html?mrkgcl=661&mrkgadid=3319790069&emssrcid=PPC:gooPLAs:569184372857_custom_label_3_60_product_type_activities_product_type_traveling&product_id=30808300024&adpos=1o5&creative=311949465531&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6JjgBRDbARIsANfu58Hukkx3BHN-fdZw-ALfaZ87tftAZ4HA6czaWgLfzzNtVVGdJag02BMaAqsUEALw_wcB

I dig these Recycled Firefighter wallets too that appear to be more rugged, twice as expensive but also lack a warranty.

P.S. I now have been using a dollar store/5-below style minimalist size card wallet for the past 2 years & it has worked for less than $5
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Oct 5, 2018
Ive run something like this for years. Simple, doesnt hold much but it gets the job done. These are one of my top sellers as well. Dont mind the stitching plz, i was still working the kinks out of my singer 29-4 boot patcher and the thread tension was fucked due to a broken bobbin tension spring. I typically carry 2 prepaid cards and my license in it. Its 2 years old now, but that chromexcel leather from horween is some nice skin and is holding up well. Stitched with silk thread


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train in vain

Nov 15, 2009
Out there
Duct tape isnt bad. Had a friend pay me to make duct tape cd cases for his demo haha. Theyre durable for sure.
I usually have some cheapo walmart wallet. The one i have now was like 5-6 bucks and its holding strong at 4 yrs. Unless youre just a fancy lad who rocks pricey suits every day i dont see a need for an expensive wallet.
Well constructed leather is probably the best. I had one my sister gave me in maybe 1994 and used it until 2009ish. It was pretty beat by then but still mostly functional

Vance Lee

Jun 26, 2018
Sebastian, Florida
I keep my $/docs hidden in my gear. I carry a dummy wallet. In the wallet is a 2nd State ID that I obtained by telling them I lost one, $3 cash, a worthless Visa card that I already spent the cash on, a few business cards I don't actually want. And that is what the robbers/thieves will have too ;).

Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
I've had this dickes brand wallet for nearly fifteen years now. Fucking crazy to think it's lasted this long. I sewed the top loop (with dental floss) to put my wallet chain on it and (knock on wood) i've never lost my wallet, not once.


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