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i still gotta find one to learn how to play, but does anyone know how to play a ukelele? is it much different than a guitar?
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Sep 1, 2007
No idea seem simple. Listened to a girl play folk punk once with one. Great little instrument..... :D


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i know it seems so perfect and i love the way it sounds so much i cant even explain hahaha


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it has four strings, usual made of nylon like classical guitars. g-c-e-a is the standard tuning. a guitar is e-a-d-g-b-e. a good way to look at it is that the guitar is tuned to fourths. so is the uke, but in a different key. g to c is a fourth, c to e is a third, just like the g to b on guitar, and then another fourth from e to a. start by experimenting with similar cord forms as guitar, and adjust as you see fit. if you know how cords are constructed, you could just break it down note by note. for instance, a c major triad would be the 1-3-5 of the major scale, or c-e-g, played at the same time, so just look for those notes on the uke fretboard. these three notes are already there in the standard tuning, plus it has the sixth, a, the relative minor. you could explore alternate tunings so much on a uke.
pretty much, once you see scales as whole, or two fret, and half, or one fret, step patterns, you can play just about any instrument to some degree. just learn the key signatures and try to think of the guitar or any stringed instrument as sections of a keyboard cut up and stacked ontop of each other at certain intervals. eventually, you can look at the fretboard and have a mental map of different keys. hope this helped some. good luck.


Nov 4, 2008
^^yeah, if you can learn to think of the notes and positions on the fretboard, and how to construct chords, you can pick up pretty much any stringed instrument and make nice noises fairly simply.


May 27, 2013
north ca
I've been playing ukulele for about a month or so now. I also play piano and guitar. I'd say the ukulele was easier for me to play because it is smaller and its easier to self teach if you have a computer.
Jan 15, 2014
Port Angeles, WA
I think the Uke is one of the easiest instruments to just pick up and play. Its really intuitive. Plus, you can look up a couple chords for it, most are simple two finger chords (or one, like the C chord).


Apr 14, 2015
C G AM F is a chord pattern that can play almost any song. This was the first song I learned how to play and helped teach me the basics. For strum patterns you just have to play around with it or practice till you figure it out.

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