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Nov 4, 2018
Personally, I would never entertain that idea... But for him, it sounds like he's halfway there already. From the sounds of it, he may have already been there, done that. I was suggesting what I thought would be helpful. No need to get upset about it.

Im straight, and wouldnt have it any other way... But obviously, the reason we're having this conversation is, he's not.... Or atleast he swings both ways..... So fuck, whats the next logical thing?
I’d really like for you to expand on this super vague shit so I can figure out what you’re actually trying to say, dude

Cuz right now it doesn’t sound good
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Dec 12, 2014
@george990 I think you severely missed the point of my post.

Also from the sound of this:

"Im straight, and wouldnt have it any other way... But obviously, the reason we're having this conversation is, he's not.... Or atleast he swings both ways..... So fuck, whats the next logical thing?"

It sounds like you are definitely not in the right state of mind to be commenting on this thread.
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Dec 26, 2010
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As quite a few people have already said in this post, I agree with the notion that most people are probably bi in some way or another. I've never talked openly in a public forum about my thoughts on this but if there were ever a place to do so.. probably here right. I'm attracted to women and I believe I'd only want to be in a relationship with a woman but I find a select few men's minds to be attractive. I wonder if that even makes sense.

I don't really know how else to put it. I'm attracted to the minds of some men. Joe Rogan was one of the first guys that I began to notice it with, also Russell Brand. Maybe it's when a person is into a lot of the same shit I'm into and they're open minded and seem smart and when they're funny.. idk I think they have to have a whole lot of traits to get my attention but once that happens the attraction is real.

It used to only be the mind, but once I began practicing massage I found myself imagining what it would be like to massage guys and then what it might be like if those massages turned out like the ones I've given to women where it ends up sexual. Imagining those acts with men kinda became a curiosity to me, like would I enjoy that? I believe there's at least a little bit of that in all of us. Good on you for embracing it and much respect to this entire community(with the exception of one idiot in the thread) for being so open minded.

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I wasn't trying to offend anybody. I was honestly just trying to be helpful, and obviously what I suggested is a pretty common occurance.

Tell me if Im wrong, because I definately could be.... BUT, My understanding is that the majority of "trans" people, are born males, homosexual males, who want to play a female role in life. I totally understand that they can be born females who believe they're male, and they can also be born males, who want to be lesbian with a female partner.... But nonetheless, more often than not, they're homosexual males who play a female role in a man with female relationship.

If you want to argue the homosexual part, then heres my response. We're talking about a born male. If the goal is to have relations with a female, then why not just be straight. If the goal is to be with a male, why not just be homosexual... Its obviously more complicated than that, but its most commonly, they feel as if they are female, and the goal is to live the female part of a male and female relationship.... Which is the only reason I used the word "homosexual"... They feel and believe and act like they're female. Thats fine, but just for the sake of clear wording, I simply refered to them as homosexual males.... Its just wording, get over it.

So anyways, now how do they find a relationship, as a woman, with a man.... They often talk about they're bad luck with men in vlogs, and blogs all over the web... Clearly, most dont have much luck with heterosexual men because straight men have distinct boundarys forbidding it...

Bi-sexual men, on the other hand, have more forgiving boundaries... They clearly are open to more than just born, straight females.... Bi-sexuals, and trans, get together in real life. I dont know if anyone has told you this, but its a real thing. It actually happens... Its a naturally occuring thing in real life.

So I cant possibly understand why anyone would be offended by me suggesting something than often occurs in real life. Many trans end up dating bi's... Many bi's end up dating trans... For someone to be offended, because I suggested that, just blows my mind. I mean seriously, what is with you people? If I said to a straight man, go ask that female for a date, would anyone be offended? How is this any different?
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Is it really that complicated? This isnt rocket science we're talking about.

Trans can be a few different combinations, but most commonly is a born male who lives as a female. Perfct, see thats not very complicated. So as the "female" they live as, they generally look for a male spouse.... Are you still with me? Okay, that wasn't too complicated....

I might be taking this a little too far, but okay, so this born male who is now female and wants male companionship.....

O shit, O SHIT!!! What do they do?

A. try to date a strictly heterosexual male.
B. date a bi-sexual male who accepts them as they are...

Im gonna jump the gun and say, Lets go with B.

See that wasnt so bad. Now will someone please explain to me, who is offended, and why I keep getting poop reviews in my feedback?

Better yet, Im just gonna sit this one out and remove myself from this conversation. I thouht we were on the same side, but apparently not.
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