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Dec 11, 2017
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On the road
im traveling with a huge 120 bass accordion. It’s really nice and was gifted to me so I really don’t wanna downsize :( I was pulling it behind me on a suitcase with wheels but after a while the wheels fell off and so did the handle.
Wondering if anyone here manages to do it, and how so? My accordions keeping me sane!
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i have a heavy accordion that i have hauled around town in a bike cart, but otherwise i really wouldn't be able to take it anywhere except rubber tramp style. speaking as someone with back issues but a lot of that comes from carrying around too much in the first place. maybe an accordion backpack + travel light? i once almost dropped and smashed it hopping a fence drunk with just the accordion on my back (fortunately someone caught it + later i quit drinking)...heavy/expensive/fragile is just a terrible combo for road gear? trying finding another one you could carry in front w/o a case - i have a wonky/playable beater that is a bit lighter & was $20 off CL, or even like those plastic mexican-style kids' ones you can get for around the same. oh & if rubber tramping with a real accordion, remember theres usually beeswax on the reeds so don't leave it in a hot car or it could melt + be ruined


May 3, 2008
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A friend of mine always just traveled with his without a case, wearing it on front and carrying a pack on his back, but he honestly went through accordions like candy during that time. If you've got a nice one, keep in mind that you'll eventually sacrifice it to the road. Carrying an expensive instrument around traveling is almost certain doom for the instrument; I've seen so many instruments die in so many ways on the road.

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Mar 6, 2017
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Firstly, hats off to you for sheer tenacity... Now, what are the dimensions (approx.) and the weight? What about one of those 2-wheel collapsible steel wire grocery dollies my grandma used to hike around with? Regardless, Dameon's post is totally valid. I take it you're not performing chamber ensemble-type gigs; time & the elements will eventually reclaim your instrument


Dec 11, 2017
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On the road
I have a huge accordion. I’m gonna leave it with someone and find a small one I can just fit in my pack. And just like never own any clothes again I guess

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