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I deleted myself
This is a commercial water key. It turns on any water faucet without a handle like those found on commercial properties or at some d-bags house who has removed the handle. It also opens the enclosure boxes that protect the faucet from tampering and will turn on the underground main some homes
. Have a drink on me guys


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I deleted myself
I lost mine as per the usual


I deleted myself
I posted this cuz I just found one this morning. 5 min before I was thinking I need one and poof. If you havent read/watched the secret you ahould. Vital knowledge for any traveler


Jan 2, 2017
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i have one of these. took it from a water panel outside a whole foods. hasn't ever failed me yet. lil lighter than the 4 way ones.
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Apr 5, 2015
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I'm still fairly infuriated whenever I think about people taking handles off of water spigots to deny ANYONE access to water. That's like trying to deny someone access to oxygen. I think there's a name for that. Oh yeah, MURDER.
[grumble-grumble. Fuckin' people]


I deleted myself
Is "water key" the proper name for it? Tried searching for one on Menards and Home Depot websites. Closest I found was a "sillcock key" - not sure if it's the same thing.
May 13, 2018
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Could you just use a multi-tool instead? I feel like I could get my pliers in there and twist it, but I've never tried.

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Apr 20, 2010
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Is "water key" the proper name for it? Tried searching for one on Menards and Home Depot websites. Closest I found was a "sillcock key" - not sure if it's the same thing.
yes this is the proper term for this tool. if you walk into a hardware store tell them your looking for one of these, they'll show you where they are. costs about $2.50+ depending on how many heads it has.
Oct 16, 2016
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You can swoop these pretty easy from home depot gardening section. They just leave them on the spouts. They have tons extra so they wont miss it if you take it. My friend used to work there and she took hers from there too. Haha


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May 17, 2018
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Yup, I have one of these, love it, a great investment, totally works.

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