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Jan 6, 2010
I borrowed my buddys for a weekend trip (not sure which model exaclty, a couple years old), and found it quite nice. Being a military grade pack it seems alot more work & quality craftmanship went into it. As well they always seem to be alot more planned and thought out then civillian packs.

I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with these packs (good or bad reviews, weak or high points), or if anyone knows of other different military grade pack makers, besides the well known ALICE system.
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Jan 6, 2010
I went to check out the pack in person yesterday, Downtown Van. A store called AJ Brooks seems to be the only retailer. After checking out the Operation Pack, it was defiantely everything I wanted, it was well designed & properly built. However my dissapointment came when it was only 45L, I wanted a 55-60L, and Tasmanian Tiger doesn't have any newer mid-range packs, they jump form about 45-80.

So I started looking at their civillian product line, known as "Tatonka". I was quite pleased to see alot of similiar design patterns between to two lines. My only dislike with the civillian line was the lack of interior organization the the military line sported. I ended up going with the Yukon 60. Which I have to say is a very nice pack and I am quite pleased with it.

The only difference I noticed between my pack (Yukon 60) and one model up (Bison 60) besides a $60 price difference was a few design changes that I liked and didnt. The Bison 60 was made with more heavy duty fabric and zippers. As well, the side compression straps were attached to the pack in FRONT of the zippers which allowed for frontal bag access. The advantage to this is that when you sinch your side compression straps tight, no side to side strain is put on the zipper, the downside being is you can't open your pack from the front without first relasing the side compression straps.

Anyways just a few things I noticed, thought maybe someone might read one day.
Aug 28, 2009
I've got a 65+10L(removable bag) Tasmanian Tiger Mission XTR that I got an awesome deal on last summer. The bag is tough as fuck with heavy duty zippers and no silly flashy shit on it but I find it to big for me and it hold TONS of shit, almost too much in my oppinion. It's a panel zip so it opens like a school bag, which I REALLY like 'cause I don't gotta dig through the whoe fuckin' pack to find something at the bottom. It is able to attach a hydration system to it, which I havn't done yet, but if I keep the pack I might give it a try. Deffinetly a nice bag and super comfortable. but I'm thinking about going to something a little smaller. around a 55L. Joint Pacific Trading Australia


On the move
Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles
I use the CFP-90. I picked it up at a surplus store for 70 bucks, issued and in good condition. I've read the mil-issue ones are more robust than mil-spec PLUS. Weighs 6 pounds, 1000 denier nylon, can carry 70 liters of gear, toploading, ALICE attachments, internal aluminum frame, a false bottom sleeping back compartment, loadlifter straps, and compression straps to consolidate the load.

The drawback is the mil-issue rucks are only in woodland camo. I would prefer coyote. Also, with a bag this large, discipline is required to keep from bringing more equipment than is needed.

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