Story and photos detailing my homeless days in Oakland (1 Viewer)


Nov 16, 2017
burnsville, North Carolina
Wrote this one back when I was streeting it in oakland, year out of a fifteen year relationship.

Sleeping in round metal containers works wonders on your spine.
Was just settling into my new spot last night when 6-7 shots rang out, sounding something like 100 yards away.

*DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT DAT" they Datted, leaving behind a ringing metallic resonance. The ghosts of ignition whaled through the walls of the container.
terrified me TBH. I don't usually react the way I did. Probably the whole "there's some one with a gun popping shots off right next to the only place to properly hide, which I happen to be in, and it's dark and scary in here."

Met up with a friend and smashed on some mimosas. ate some shit. Sang, poetry slammed. We walked the streets and smoked.
Got a crazy bug in me, packed up and ran the tracks. With all my bags, I skip ran the planks, jumping two with each footstep.
It all started to blend together. disassociation, the cold dark environment detaching, pulling back and fading off into a vaguely visible out of focus opaque black backdrop. warmth, sudden yet soft and then Her face was there, lit up an smiling. Those big beautiful eyes, they smiled too.

I see her every where. Her arms open eyes wide, just around every corner. in the crowd, sometimes, she's every person I can't visibly make out the face of.
15 years of amour fou does things to person I guess.

Moment of clarity: I'm under a decaying train track, A train is rushing by. I look down and I've been skip running 2 tracks at a time in the dark on autopilot. Not sure how long, But I had reached the point of which I needed to make my turn.

Train passed, made the turn, and jumped from one steel track line to the next. Landing one foot at a time. With all my bags on me I was able to successfully jump and and land without slipping onto each (8, I think?) until I made it to the very last one and almost ate it face first in the igneous rock that so often lines these places.
Look around, to the left and right. Take a puff. Sneak into priv territory.

People are spraying the side of a train as I approach my destination. At the sight of my advancement, as if they had viewed a bat out of hell, the inhuman speed of manic bipolar man with a mission raised all the alarms. They start to run.
"Aint no bother man, I'm crazy but I'm harmless." I exclaim wildly whilst panting off the run.
They don't say anything, but it gives them pause and they both look at each other, back at me, and slowly move back to what they are doing.

*whew whew whew whew*

The amber lights sounded (in my imagination, there was no actual sound) as they whirred in a circular cyclical motion around everything insight. The abandoned tracks above and all around me backlit to the amber flash hue casting dancing shadows off all the algae, years of organic and plastic detritus accumulation and straight up nails, painting a scene in my mind of obscene psychedelia.

Beams of warm yellow cast shadowed Skeletons with heads unnaturally upturned doing a ghastly rendition of "The Macaraina." Mermaids, starting from the bottom of the graffitied half crumbling bando ,rapidly swimming upwards with manic excitation through the bubbled throw up letters "Moen, Eyespy" and cheaply scribbled "toy" shit, breasts, arms and fins a-flailing, only to surface from the deep undulating pools of ambrosiad lettering into nothingness as they became it themselves. *pop Pop pop* they sounded with bubbly accentations as they escaped.

her face, cast in a shadow, giving her signature anime wink.


Graffiti dudes, they book it in the right direction. They had this scenario planned out. Up and over the trains, one by one in perfect unison until they had become near unseable formless wraiths amoungst the greater gridwork of overpass pillars and scattered lights. *poof* they blipped into oblivion.

Now, I needed to approach the path in which the lights emitted. With predator like intensity I looked at every angle of the situation, head darting two and fro surveiling.
I dove into the moving shadows of the graffiti ridden abandoned building propped up next to my spot. And waited.

Laying there, bags all over the place while I hugged the ground. Truck rides by about 15 feet in front of me. Rocks and soil crunched in protest from beneath the assailing rubber, echoing about . The wind, more a cool breeze, kissed my neck, comforted me and reduced my body temp, that was, after the track hopping, dangerously high and fucking uncomfortable. The truck turned right onto the tracks, amber light beaming and still emitting the whir noise within my mind as the freshly painted tag homies just dropped flashed, brilliant lights coruscating from the lettering.

A beam from it struck my eye just then. I was in another world, imagining myself all the way at the top of the building I was hiding under. with make shift ladder I had scaled carefully to the top, checked for entry points, lay there and spotted a satellite to which i exclaimed with pointed finger "Satellite!!!" and began singing the song of the same name by "NIN", then ranted about the future hyper stratification of wealth and eventual extinction of the human race due to the advancements in genetics available only to the upper class, who would become mutant like alien gods compared to us and either leave us behind or eradicaste due to our perceived uselessness......

I was riding on the side of a train, my bags were missing. I looked and I was right at the spot where you enter the same place I had, in my mind, just been laying.
I tucked and rolled, pulling my legs inwards to avoid getting them ripped off by the monster machine that clamored and crashed, the heavy circular steel emitting sparks from the railing at my feet.

pause, confusion.

I decide to climb the free way over pass, get my bearings zeroed.
Half ape half alien weird brained hybrid I ascended the rungs, transferring from one ladder to another exhibiting inhuman speed. Amber lights again. "FUCK!" as a spot light streaked shakily just above where I was climbing. I stopped, one hand grasping the ladder, the other hanging freely as I eyed the flashy culprit whilst deeply inhaling the already lit cigarette that occupied the space between my lips.
That flashy culprit below, he drove on by, my presence seemingly remaining unbenkownst......

made my way back into my shiny hole. fell asleep. Woke shivering. the computer read 14:30. Walked to the target where I began writing this. Met some train hoppers.
Met a dealer. stopped half way between writing this. Was feeling generous, and deeply realizing the absurdity of me ever settling down, so I revealed to him this spotless location.

He is now sitting next to me as I currently write this , shooting up a speedball and rambling about how he is god, alpha and omega, how resistance to his word is blasphemous. Now he is on about how the purest act of love is taking someone's life because you are gracing them thegift of leaving their suffering.
as I write this.

kneeled over me.

looking my dead in the eyes.

Would you look at the time! it's "Holy fuck dude your crazier than I am o'clock" which happens to be right when my train arrives

(Attached photos are the view from my squat and the guy who wanted to kill me.)


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