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May 17, 2018
That's a beautiful boat, and I really like the sail! I didn't see sails like that in SoCal!


Feb 22, 2011
VA for now
That's a beautiful boat, and I really like the sail! I didn't see sails like that in SoCal!
Pretty much the only places you will see boats like this are in Asia, and most of the boats of this vintage and style are long since dead. Ive seen people retrofit this style rig to a modern boat online, but have never seen one in person.


Dec 27, 2018
Lopez Island
Sick junk rig! I’ve sailed aboard a couple Tom Colvin designed, junk schooners. And there is a wicked fast boat around here named BATWING that’s rigged as a junk cat boat with a single, massive junk sail set all the way up forward, almost at the stem (like a catboat.)

I love non bermudian rigs! So boss man!
Got any more pics? What’s her specs? Design?

There is an incredible junk boat named ANCIENT ONE for sale over here (Anacortes, WA) that is super dope. But she doesn’t have that traditional Chinese transom like you.

More pics!

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