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Aug 20, 2020
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Amtrak has always been a goto for me if you check the route. I have only done it on the east coast. I noticed things about the train that stood out. People love smoking cigarettes and they immediately huddle to the designated spot to smoke. If one was to mingle amongst the smokers and get back on the train, found out the lounge car is a great place to hangout without disturbance.
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Beegod Santana

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Jan 28, 2008
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The woods
Been a while but I've pulled it off multiple times. Trick is to do it at a 5 minute stop and chill in the bathroom till you've been moving for a bit. I would always just go straight to the observation deck after that and try to make friends. My attitude was they're gonna be a lot less likely to boot someone who's interacting with other passengers. Most Amtrak employees just wanna avoid conflict. Fair warning, you can get federal charges for doing this so if you get found out don't be a dick.


Sep 7, 2021
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Santa Fe
I've been wondering about getting away with this on passenger trains for a while, hiding out in the bathroom or just wandering up and down the train like I'm looking for a snack or something. Might get tiring over longer distances though. Thanks for these tips!

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