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Jun 9, 2013
Boise, Idaho
LOL hey man, if they had them for chicks, best believe I would be the first one diving into the pool of pussy. BELIEVE THAT ONE hahahaha.

ALTHOUGH I will say, Two of my lovers have agreed to an orgy. I'm just going to find one more girl and just....imagine. ALL. GIRL. ORGY.

OOOOOOH MYYYYYY GGGGOOOOOODDDDD -it's what i've been preparing myself for my ENTIRE life.

picture if you will, diving into a bed of nice soft pillows, I dive onto this warm welcoming bed and all these pillows bounce into the air then fall on and all around me. NOW replace pillows with NAKED WOMEN! FUUUUCK that's whats up
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The Guay Agenda
Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
I just had probably the most hilariously awesome image put into my head with that. Well done. And yes Matt, there be bath houses in almost every major city. Look up Steamworks Chicago in your spare time. That place is my jam.

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Oh they do. Theyre raunchy places that have terrible lighting and guys boning in public areas, all over the place. Its kinda funny. If you start doing anything remotely intimate with someone flocks of less than desirable guys appear to watch. like moths to a flame or a bad accident. its both hilarious and creepy at the same time!

Ya two of my gay friends went to one in san fransisco and said the left laughing


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Jan 14, 2016
hobby? it's first and foremost a business. whether it's porn (someone was paid to make that clip), or going out on a date (you are buying something like food), money is exchanged. even if you just have sex with your partner, you still want some food afterwards or something and that costs money. so that's a good thing. sex stimulates the economy. i am a fan of pornhub. one day, i will make a tshirt with the pornhub logo and under it write "member since puberty." i have loved sex since i was about 7 or 8 years old or something. would sniff used panties from the lady next door. always loved the smell of pussy and a girl's asshole. and yes i would have orgasms as a kid but no sperm comes out. then i finally found porn magazines (hustler) with friends from the 6th grade. today of course, as a kid, i would see porn right away online. no one is gonna stop me. sad and funny thing is all these idiot parents who think their kids are angels. most 12 year old boys and up see and use porn regularly. shame that society calls it taboo. it's happening and will continue happening. the internet is for porn. i know the topic is sex but sex is not accessible for most ppl. for various reasons but porn is.

bathhouses were famous in new york city. they also led to massive spread of hiv. they are all shut down now. at my gym, well one of them, the nysc at shore parkway in brooklyn, mostly italians frequent there and guys would regularly have sex in the sauna or the hot tub (yep, the gym had a hot tub). i am not gay and that's a turn off but imagine if guys and girls could have sex after a workout just like that? yes, even women just want a good sexual session time to time. they don't always want or need the romance. at my current gym in midwood on kings highway in brooklyn, the sauna was shut down because russian guys were going at it. these types of establishments (like a gym) have replaced past bathhouses of new york city. in real new york city (manhattan), there's a lot more activity and right there in the open.

see this link:

you can see plato's retreat here:

funny story here: when i was 20 or something, i met a russian girl (she was 32) and went to her house to have sex. her husband was upstairs. we had sex in the hallway of her home and then went to pergament (a store like home depot). we went into the women's bathroom and had sex there. some lady came in to put on makeup and she freaked out. whole store came there to see what was happening. hilarious. manager luckily told me to leave. he was gonna call the cops. very lucky he let me and the girl go. i had no money for a hotel room.
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Jun 17, 2015
Holyoke, MA
I just want to say that today, I think I found the absolute silliest porn in existence, and laughed more than I have in months.

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