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Oct 16, 2015
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eastern shore of MD, USA
Bom dia

Anyone been to or read about this....increbibly-lovely seeming country?

I hope one day to pass through Angola, or elsewhere a flight can be caught to these islands.

I heard about it originally from a guy in Brasil while we were drinking in front of the grocery store and swappin language practice...he works for National Geographic or somethin similar and was assigned a gig out here for wildlife photography.

A very thorough entry about it can be found here:

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Older Than Dirt

Mar 5, 2019
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All i know about those places is that when we used to get Globo (Brazilian television channel) on cable in NYC, it did not have the regular Br TV commercials, but instead commercials for Brazilian restaurants, tax preparers, car dealerships etc. in the US, and commercials from Africa in Portuguese for like rice.

So they speak Portuguese, and there is food there, which is a start.

Tony Pro

Aug 24, 2015
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I’ve done a lot of thinking about this place, as well as Malabo. Seems tough for vagabond travel, but as long as you’re educated about all the red tape, and have all your vaccines, nothing stopping you from just ducking info the virgin rainforest and fucking around for a couple weeks.
From my research, the cheapest way to get there is via flight from Dahomey.


Oct 16, 2015
Current Location
eastern shore of MD, USA
Yes, @Older Than Dirt it is being a lusofono nation and an island that originally attracted me, but it even sounds like as close as one may get to a true paradise based on what is written in the link I posted... if somehow financial problems can be avoided, one way or another. But more complex to spend enough time, with how tightly they seem to regulate the VISA, i guess thats how they keep it so nice.

@Tony Pro , nice one man, and yes, it is said that they will look for your yellow fever, I do not know about others, but you never know what you might catch, of course ... I got my free YF vax in Peru, I just had to talk to a couple of the right people and wait 3 hours. I too share the desire to know Equatorial Guinea...havent read into it in a long time though...recall it being sort of complicated.
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