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Nov 29, 2019
Casey naud was a virturoso in the folk punk community, ex jehovas witness turned dirty kid Casey was a Legened in the Travelling and Folk punk comminity he lived his dreams and travelled and performed his music in Europe, Australia, and North america , he was a very tight accordionist and fiddle player he was capable of picking up almost any instrument and playing it, he recorded a solo album with madolin ,guitar,washtub bass,mandolin, banjo and fiddle , his album can be found on spotify or bamdcamp by searching CASEY NO FoX GIVEN
Tragically he passed away in north vancouver Canada from an overdose of heroin on June 15th 2020

Casey will missed and be remembered by many Friends and family and Most of all the love of his life Spooky ( a 1 year old puppy) he was a Kind person with not an inch of judgement or hate in his blood he was an amazing musician and friend , we will miss you casey . And jam again another day.


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Sorry for your loss. I found his music on bandcamp, I enjoyed it , and what a talented multi instrumentalist. This is why I hate drugs.

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Apr 16, 2020
Another gone too soon. Thanks for sharing the link. His artistic offerings will live on.

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