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Apr 18, 2010
Tallinn, Estonia
Met my first boyfriend asking " how is life in small town canada?"
He said "pretty hard if you re gay. "
I replied, " pretty much the same as in belgium then"
"Oh.. "
"Yup.." and a big grin cause he was cute
and that was the start of that..

This summer i met somebody asking where there is a good place to go dance after the bar we were at closes. Even i knew well enough the whole city shuts down at 1am.
We ended up going to my place and sat outside having some beers for a while and made out.
Next day he said he was soo impressed with me asking that first question. So i tried remembering for a few days what it was that i said. Untill it cameback.. guess it wasnt really the question tho.. :p
Still got a crush on that guy.. more so after laying naked in bed and him saying
"Lets trainhop to the grand canyon"
Me replying, "sure why not.. But i cant leave tomorrow cause i promised a friend to help fix his house"
"Hmm this isnt gonna happen is it? Cause for real.. i am down. I am gonna hop around anyway in a week and you re cool so why not"
"No, i cant.. really want to thoj.. but i need to study, trying to get into harvard med school"
"Bummer. But call me if you dont get in"
He called me a few weeks after. Said he might hop with me to the east coast.
But then life got in between..

But these do beat the ...
He smiles
I smile
Another smile
Your place, my place convertation
Make out
Talk about life


Jan 22, 2012
Milwaukee, United States
I was in Newark, NJ and I saw a really hot guy when I was buying groceries with the self checkout machines. I asked him if he could teach me how to use them newfangled electrics, because I lived deep in the woods in the country and I had never seen one before, but I was never going back! He wouldn't leave my side for months, and it turned out he spoke seven languages. I told him I was going to Maine before I left him and he went and settled down there.

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Last post, but, is it bad that I sometimes inhale rubbing alcohol fumes to relieve tension?

Cause every now and then I'll like, inhale a bit, and then I feel it hit me in my brain, and I just feel, perked up and less stressed.

lol it's a terrible idea, I know.
Georgia is now lockdown. Let's see if my dumbass neighbors will go out for their drugs.
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Dooder, Your doggo is EARristable! ;)
Holding treats, yo!
is a thought of a unicorn a real thought?
I'm about to buy a trowel and start digging catholes. I'm tired of waiting 30 minutes to take a shit and then having to force my intestines out all because I got constipated waiting for the bathroom.
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jut joined myself. got the obsession! 🚂
Thowback Thursday
More youth.
This dumpster was amazing;I'd often found throwaways of the big liter bottles they ship syrup with codiene to pharmacies in. Because of the consistency of it there would always be an ounce or two in the bottle they didnt get out. I'd get 2 or 3, spatula scrape out the good, make some szrrrp, put on DJ screw and get faded. :)

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