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Kim Chee

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You have this pack in your possession and you still want the opinion of another?
Not sure what you plan on doing with it, but if I tried to ride a train with it I'd probably
get hung up on shit all day as it is pretty tall and pay for it with my life.
If you're just going to camp in the bushes with it, maybe its ok.


Dec 15, 2011
I dont hop trains, dont plan on living out of a pack(anymore), so i do not know what kind of pack works for this kind of stuff. These big expedition packs are outside of my experience, i always used alice packs until recently beginning to outfit a cfp 90 for my piddling little one and two day flyfishing and rockhounding runs.

The opinions of you who have and do literally live out of packs is valued.

thank you for your thoughts.

Deleted member 2626

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Too big, my buddy had one like that, sucks for trains and living, shit gets to the bottom and you got to take some stuff on top out to get to the bottom. A smaller internal frame pack is the way to go, those big ones get caught crawling into a grainer


Playground Monitor
May 15, 2007
That thing is huge, might be useful for packing up a camp long distances in the brush... What are you using this for? Any more stuff, you may want to think about dragging a cart along to help with the load.


Dec 15, 2011
im not using it for anything. it was just part of a buy that included a two burner propane camp stove. the guy says, "hey, ill toss this pack in for xxbucks".

i really have no use for it as i have the cfp-90 and medium and large alice packs and web gear with enhanced buttpack. got all sorts of options for packing.

i was just wanting to know peoples opinions on that style and size of pack. had the thought to put it up for sale for pretty cheap.


Dec 30, 2009
In that case, opinions don't matter.
what others are willing to pay for it matters.
best way to gauge that is on eBay. (you're already half way there)
check out the completed listing for the most relevant/current market price.

good luck.


Dec 15, 2011
want to thank all of you for your opinions. like i said, i have no experience in these kind of packs and do not know how well they work.


Dec 22, 2011
Best packs in my opinion are the Northface daypacks. I like em cause the are really small and i feel really agile when i wear one. Easier to get around and sneak into place and wont snag. Most are available in black. Mad tough too.

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