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Will Wood

Apr 9, 2016
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Does anyone smoke a pipe anymore? I've been thinking about it. Hemp or tobacco. I was thinking, if I can go, to bring a bunch of noodles and spaghetti sauce?? Would the campers be up for a spaghetti night?? Any of you folks good at cooking?? Oh, I'm in Phoenix, and could give one person a ride.. I just don't know when this caregiving gig I'm doing will end??

Matt Derrick

Permanent Wanderer
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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
UPDATE: I have updated the first post in this thread with new information. This year we are requesting that folks bring zines instead of books, as the library has way, way too many books right now. Seriously, they don't need anymore!

They could use your (or other people's) zines to expand their collection! So hit up your local infoshop, punk house, coffee shop, anarcho buddy, online distro, etc... start collecting those zines and bring them to the jambo!

The library has many other needs as well, if you'd like to help out in other ways, check out this list of things they could use!


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Jan 2, 2009
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Foothills of the Cascades, western WA
I think I may try and make it this year. Not sure if I want to hitchhike or drive my truck down yet...depends if I can make a little more $$ with farm gigs to make the gas money. But if I end up taking my truck, I'd probably have room to squeeze in 1-2 people if they need a ride down from Seattle area....


plastic wingnut in a microwave
Sep 23, 2009
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folks who know me have my #.
crawl, muthafuckers, crawl!!
200 degree fucking heat & special fucking sunglasses with hydrogen O2 separating spectral filter collection units...

& watch out for the mongrel rats that crawl out of the abandoned train station..
the fucker are 12' long & look just like abandoned RV's.. & those are just the fucking *babies*..

beer.. if you can't bring a 'zine, bring 4 fucking cases of beer.. the older, the better..
2001 vintage budwiser works fine..

just follow the sun.. stare at the fucking thing until you go blind, & you'll prolly get there 2 weeks early.. take a bath in the radioactive boiling pits, near the place where jesus is supposed to show up & you'll be fine..
looks like a big ass wedding cake or something..

maybe i'll make it, in which case i should have a bigger van & instead of 14 people stuffed in on the way out, we can stick in 27 or so, as long as we properly arrange the body parts..
*especially* if we drain 'em dry, first..


Jul 6, 2017
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Damn i had like 30+ lit books and a bunch of non-fic commie stuff i was gonna bring but that's probably for the best anyway since i had no idea how i was gonna haul that stuff there anyway. I've got a bunch of industrial worker mags and jacobins(bleh) i hope that's ok because iowa doesn't exactly have a thriving underground lit scene or anything.

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