My Podcast Interview with Cornelius Vango & My Middle East Travel Stories (1 Viewer)


Sep 23, 2018
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Hey everyone, I'm still new here, but really excited to participate in this community, and do what I can to help grow it here in Spain.

I also just started a podcast where I interview people from around the world about their lives, with a special focus on underrepresented voices, communities, and places. It's called "Latitude Adjustment". Time for a bit of self promotion... but it's also aimed at promoting this community, so please help spread the word.

This week I interviewed StP member @Cornelius Vango about their recent adventure hitchhiking across Alaska, their role as Slab City librarian, and we talk about our backgrounds and our travels.

You can catch the episode here.

And you can find the link to subscribe to the podcast through your preferred platform, by going to the Home Page. So far I've interviews a former female pro boxer, Middle East photojournalist, and guests from the Gaza Strip, Lithuania, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Syria.

@Matt Derrick will also be interviewing me for the StP podcast, about my own travels across the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere over the past 6 years, my travel advice for these places, and the small nonprofit I founded in Amsterdam. You can catch the livestream on Youtube at 12pm Pacific Coast time, on Sunday, October 14th.

So happy to have found this community. I only wish I had found it sooner!
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Sep 23, 2018
Current Location
Hey. Is there a link to download these podcasts? Super interesting and I'd like to listen while im riding
Hey @Django ! Yes. If you go to the Home page on the website, there are links to most podcast platforms, or you can search the name through whatever podcast app you normally use to download episodes. If you don't already have a podcast app on your phone, and you're using an Android-based phone, I would suggest going to Google Play, and downloading the app for Podcast Addict. Then you can search for and download the show from within that platform.

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too bad about clovis...i rode through recently without stopping in the yard luckily...where did you get pulled off now
?did you end up on a train for dallas?
Update on my luck: wrong train, cops pulled a gun on me, im off the transcon, and i have one day to get to chicago.
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I got my first trespass in over five years of riding, but the bull in clovis was doing that thing were he scans the cars from a ladder and my bike had the back wheel off so i couldnt run. I caught the next train after he let me go.
The amarillo northyard hopout is trashed, can yall clean up after yourself. No wonder they put up all these new fences here.
just now saw yet another article of people talking photos of themselves and falling into a waterfall and being pummeled into drowning - why people why - i recall when i first heard something like this out at Silver Falls eas of Corvallis, I think it was 2012 or 2013, but it never ceases to amaze me that it happens so much all over the world
Hitched into Quebec City, got a free wristband to a music festival with The Offspring and Blink-182 playing!! Good times, now off to Charny, back on the rails!
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