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Dec 30, 2016
Amherst Nova Scotia
My wife and I have thought about building something like seems simple enough that we could do it. Did you have any challenges or problems in the build, That you didn't plan? Bassicly when we build we want to have it be a smooth project that brings us joy in building and in living


Born Wild
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Mar 22, 2017
Spun Junction CO
Awesome house man. Like the style, recycled is the best way to go.
I should add, I was also wanting a home base thingy. Was opting more for an earth ship personally. Seeing yours done so cheap and well gives people like me insperation man. Great job with detailed updates too man. Dig it. Keep it up and God speed.

Deleted member 2626

I deleted myself
update. I'm in the west for a bit round in bout easternly but am keeping the site now again. gonna do the not so expensive privy and be legal, still shit in the woods most days but now I can't be hasseled. less than 200 dollar a year to own is too hard too pass up and I have a place of my own to hideaway and work on my projects and hobbies and self sufficiency and gain a pack animal soon . I've become sort of a known dude up there now he he

Deleted member 2626

I deleted myself
Bump. Back at my hovel. Been here over a month now. Any people wanna stop in and live the leisure life hit me up. All welcome as long as you ain't a piece of shit. They don't last up here. Any critters welcome. Just me my pack burro and dog. Late

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Okay so imagine a band comprised of a snail, a dragon, a doggo, and a ratto called Crackhouse Crevice. You can catch the free show on an eastbound IM from Yuma.
@dumpsternavel will be making snacks with some tuna from a pouch and the crumbs of a 10 piece chicken nugget bag.
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Yeah not being on the road right now is kind of a bummer, but actually having the space for a kit again is really getting that serotonin goin'

Holy shit I missed playing drums
Gat dammit Yuma, and yer sparse rideables!!
Still broke as a joke in Morocco, but got a job as a director of a school, so hopefully that real adult money will start rollin in soon. There's a rainbow gathering in the desert at the end of next month. I want to go, but I need to start working and this school opens next month.

Found a good home for the beautiful cat and the boyfriend was not so nice, so it's another fresh start for me.

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Best of luck and happy travels
snailormoon wrote on dumpsternavel's profile.
Discovered today that you have good taste in crevices. The decrepit old box spring really ties this space together.
Hopefully getting on my first train tonight with @dumpsternavel (and Meeka and Chickpea of course.) Shits bout to get rizzeal my doods 🤘🐌
Searching for traveling companion.
Matt Derrick wrote on Darcyx9's profile.
Hey thanks for the recent uploads to the library, looks like useful stuff!

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