Mummified body of German adventurer is found inside yacht drifting off the Philippines (1 Viewer)


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Jan 4, 2009
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Damn, if I could chose from a few options on how to go, this would be on the list...

Mummified body of German adventurer is found inside yacht drifting off the Philippines
  • Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, found off coast of Barobo in Surigao del Sur
  • Decomposing body was near radio telephone as if he was trying last call
  • Dry ocean winds, hot temperatures and salty air helped preserve his body
  • It is unclear what killed Manfred or how long he has been dead

PUBLISHED: 09:00 GMT, 29 February 2016 | UPDATED: 15:08 GMT, 29 February 2016

This is the mummified body of a German adventurer who was found dead drifting on his abandoned yacht at the weekend off the coast of southern Philippines.

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, was discovered by two fishermen aboard his yacht in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Barobo town in Surigao del Sur.

His body was sitting near to the radio telephone as if he was trying one last desperate Mayday call to save himself when he died.


The mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat was found aboard his yacht, drifting in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Barobo town in Surigao del Sur



His body was found near to the radio telephone as if he was trying one last desperate Mayday call to save himself when he died

Christopher Rivas, 23, a resident of P-4 Poblacion, in Barobo, was fishing together with a friend nearly 40 miles from the coast when he spotted the yacht, painted white and whose sail was broken from afar.

The 40-foot long yacht, named SAYO, had been cruising around the world for the past 20 years.

Inside the cabin, much of which was underwater, were found photo albums, clothes and tins of food strewn all around.

It is unclear how long Manfred, who has been identified thanks to paperwork on board, has been dead or what killed him.

A friend told BILD that he last heard of him one year ago on Facebook for his birthday.

Dry ocean winds, hot temperatures and the salty air helped preserve his body.

Police are trying to retrace his last voyages and find the last people to speak with him.

He broke up with his wife in 2008, who had been on his travels with him, and she later died from cancer.


Authorities were still determining the cause of the death and have been in touch with the German Embassy for more information about the man.

In 2009 in Mallorca he met another world sailer called Dieter who told Germany'v BILD newspaper: 'He was a very experienced sailor. I don't believe he would have sailed into a storm. I believe the mast broke after Manfred was already dead.'

His body was taken for an autopsy in Butuan City, the yacht was towed for a police inspection into the port of Barobo.

Police spokeswoman Goldie Lou Siega in the Philippines said; 'We have no evidence of a second person aboard and no weapon was found on the yacht.'

Dr Mark Benecke, a forensic criminologist in the city of Cologne, told BILD: 'The way he is sitting seems to indicate that death was unexpected, perhaps from a heart attack.'

The German embassy in Manila is working with local officials to trace his family in Germany. It is believed he has a daughter called Nina who works as the captain of a freight vessel.

Manfred had crisscrossed the world's oceans in 20 years at sea, clocking up over half a million nautical miles.


Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, was discovered by two fishermen aboard his yacht in the Pacific Ocean 40 miles off the coast of Barobo town in Surigao del Sur

He sailed the Atlantic, he sailed the Pacific, he sailed around the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Agean and, as a younger man, the waters of the Baltic bordering northern Germany.

Not all of it was done on his yacht: he was aboard the freighter Hyundai Renaissance on August 1 2008 when he crossed the equator en-route from Singapore to Durban, south Africa.

A certificate found aboard his shattered yacht showed he had adopted the nickname 'Tiger shark' to mark the event - a milestone in the lives of all mariners.

He posted regular updates on his Facebook page of his travels on the 160,000 pound yacht.

Martinique in the Caribbean was one of the favourite places visited by himself and his wife, Claudia, the place where she was buried after she passed away in 2010.

Manfred came from the western German Ruhr region. According to German media reports, he hated that hard winters of his homeland and took to the seas to find warmer climes.

It is not yet clear what his profession was. Although there have been reports that he had not made contact with people since 2009, authorities do not believe that his yacht had been adrift for anything approaching seven years.
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Dec 7, 2014
Wait... so the boat's been gone for 20 years, the sailor gave news last year, but the boat has been drifting for the last 9 years?!?


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He´s been sailing around the world for 20 years, the sailor gave news last year. Don´t know where you got this 9 years from.

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somebody call mulder and scully so we can get a handle on this.


Aug 20, 2014
Well at least he died a happy man. I hope to die in my sleep somewhere in the woods.


Dec 24, 2015
New York
The confusion comes from the family. According to reports I've seen, his last voyage started sometime in 2009. Roughly a year after breaking up with his wife. That much is pretty straight. Here is where it gets murky. There are no reports of sailor dude showing up or his vessel officially entering or leaving port since then. The family reported him lost some time ago. Since leaving port in 2009 the only hint of his presence was the single birthday Facebook post last year. As was reported here, he was a frequent poster as to his whereabouts and apparently he had gone dark for quite a while.
I've read several accounts and they all differ slightly but what is easy to say is that his sailboat drifted around for at least several months unmanned and at the whim of Poseidon before being found.


Apr 6, 2013
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Looks like a heart attack situation...

Though I would not put the paranormal outa the picture.

Gotta agree with wizehop there as well... not a bad way to go... kinda epic really.


Mar 1, 2016
Well I can confirm that those pictures will ruin a appetite. Keep that in mind if you're hungry and out of food.


Apr 6, 2013
but man.. to be Dried & Salted by the Sea, Herself....

Aye that be a harsh end...

"It Seems a legend.

To take your fate into your own hands and leave the mainland behind.
The corruption and putrid stagnation of Babylon.

Yet in biblical irony.
You make your esape from Sodom & Gomorra only to fall victim simply with the slightest glace backwards at a flash of fire and brimstone set upon the midden heap, it arrives in a blinding wave in the end leaving you transformed into a pillar of salt and stone."

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