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Aug 4, 2006
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"The Sullivan Square T station and a section of Interstate 93 North in Charlestown were shut down for about an hour Wednesday morning so police could remove and blow up a suspicious device.

A source close to the investigation told WBZ it was a "sophisticated electronic device" that somebody placed there for a reason. It was not an explosive device and police say it did not pose any danger to anyone.

The device, a large circuit board with wires and batteries, was found attached to a beam with magnets about 15-to-20 feet above a busway that runs below an elevated section of the highway.

absolutely hilarious. check out the story here:

the guys responsible's "press conference" where they refused to discuss anything besides 1970's hair cuts.


"Kevin Pereira In The Loop, The ATHF Scare"


god, america is just scared of it's own shadow, isn't it?

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