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  1. wattsofthought

    Seeking Couch Houston to Boston or Bust!

    Does anyone have a spare couch to sleep on between Houston and Boston on my road trip to the northeast? I'll be leaving this weekend via car sometime and need to be in Boston by July 1st. So far ill be stopping at a cousins place in Nashville and also a place somewhere in KY. Anyone in Arkasas...
  2. TheUndeadPhoenix

    Question Request for info: Bumfeeds and more in Boston Massachusetts and Portland Maine

    I'm tired of NYC and I'm going to visit the above cities, anybody got tips for them? I've never been to either one and I'm interested in seeing some off the path places as well. Here's a list of questions I have about them: Where are the best bumfeeds? Where do most of the travelers hang out...
  3. MrArmenian

    Hi, STP. My name is Boston.

    Hey, everyone. My name is Boston. Been lurking here for a long time. It's great to actually post here. I'm a big poster in the r/vagabond sub on Reddit and I also have my own personal sub r/MrArmenianvagabond to let you all know that I'm not a phony and as real as they come. Im currently 35...
  4. Becky Leach

    Hi from the upper peninsula, getting back on the road to Boston

    Getting back on the road in May. Been on the road on and off for 25 yrs. Took a year break and now ready to go. I'll be traveling alone, but Iprefer a roaddog. Hitching or hopping, or walking is my usual form of traveling. Want to check out Boston and tour the New England area this summer...
  5. keystone

    An Introduction -peace and love

    Hi everyone I'm Keystone. I'm from Boston. I'm in Seattle. I love adventure and fun and friends. -peace and love
  6. salxtina

    BOSTON Anarchist Book Fair Nov 17&18

    Location & Logistics The 2018 Boston Anarchist Bookfair will be held on November 17 & 18 at Boston University's George Sherman Union. Admission is free to the public. This venue is handicapped-accessible. 775 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA The...
  7. Evielution

    Homeless, my family is scattered and i need to get to boston or cambridge

    Hey, i’m a 26 year old trans girl who’s only been on hrt for two months I’m a witch and a nerd and my current goals and aspirations is to gather my family under one roof once again I have an unforgettable sense of sarcastic humor and i’m just looking for transportation and a place to crash
  8. buckeye

    Boston -> NYC

    Just got on GOBUS without even showing ticket info. Worth a try
  9. paiche

    I'm new here, Howdy, hey, hola, greetings from Maine

    I was searching online for places for my good friend to hit up and I stumbled on this place. I'm a little shy with online community but I'm giving this a try cuz it looks so kewl and there is so much great info on here. Way to go Matt creator man! Anyway my buddy is walking across the country...
  10. pinkandfreckly

    Boston – Oregon, quick, safe, cheap! Suggestions appreciated

    Hello everyone. I joined half an hour ago. Girl in her twenties, no experience, foreigner, looking for adventure, read a lot about hitchhiking. Sorry, but there'll be no long introduction since it's 3 AM here. I have a question though. How long will it take to hitchhike from Boston to Oregon if...
  11. Macksman28

    New from boston

    Hi I'm from Boston here. I was wondering if any of y'all know of any good sleeping spots around? I'm in the shelter right now but hate it. Last summer I spent about a week in Titus? Park never the Pru. I loved it but last time I was there I noticed they started kicking people out though. I...
  12. Macksman28

    Hi new from Boston!

    Hi I've been lurking on these forums for a bit. I'm in Boston been living here for bout 15 months in a homeless shelter. I don't really like it there too much. I slept outside in a park for a week last summer and loved it. Last time I was there the cops were kicking guys out though. I'd like to...
  13. M

    Dynamic Duo in Pittsburgh

    I met two travelers in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago in the Polish Hill area.We hung out and had an amazing time.We wound up crashing at the skatepark there that night and hung out into the next afternoon.The next day was around 90, and my asthma was making it impossible for me to keep up...
  14. Vagabonds Photography

    Photos Ella the World Traveling Boston Terrier

    Not world traveler yet, but on our way. My name is Ryan and my wife is Elizabeth. Our daughter is Princess Cunt Ella. Here is Princess Cunt Ella at Acadia National Park. And here she is in new Hampshire Don't let her cuteness deceive you though. She's a Cunt. She's a destroyer of all...
  15. C

    Boston city witch on tha move! ~*~*~*~

    Hi friends, i just graduated college and feel so free! i also realized you don't need college! haha planning my next moves, found this dope community, already learned a lot from reading forums. have some experience backpacking, hitching, living off grid, mostly radical organizing in the...
  16. Riliya

    Queer or punk squats/coops/communes

    Anyone know of good queer punk squats, coops or communes in Cambridge ma, Boston ma, NYC, Portland or, or new orleans?
  17. B

    Anyone ever freight hopped in Maine?

    I'm currently in Central Maine and new to the freight hopping scene. If anyone knows about the Waterville and Hermon train yards any info would be appreciated. I know I can hop the train in Newport and go either towards Bangor or Waterville but I'm not sure which way would be better.
  18. NephiMatthews

    Must-see destinations between Portland and Boston

    Heya everyone. The title says it all, pretty much. This summer, i'm planning on getting out of town and traveling for the first time. Specifically, going from Portland, Oregon; to Boston. Now, I've done a fair amount of lurking at various online resources around the web on traveling, though i'm...
  19. D

    Boston for workers rights!

    I'm looking at being off the road for a while as I'm helping some people with some worker's rights stuff in Boston. I will still be going between Providence and Boston, but not at the frequency I was looking at. I'm currently taking up French, Spanish, and Portuguese because of the place I'll be...

    good gear being found in Boston thrift stores

    found and bought a kelty 110 pack one pouch is sewn with glue on the zipper a few small holes but overall in good shape paid $25 I will be glad to get rid of the ILBE military pack as it's 10 pounds without anything in it the kelty is 5 pounds The Goodwill Store 520 Massachusetts Ave