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Oct 15, 2017
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Los Angeles
Fast version:

Missing, 79 year old man name George, white hair, Caucasian Hispanic, ball cap usually, track pants usually with sandals, has a cat named Sammy,. Drives/lives in a black 1990 volvo station wagon. Missing from Los Angeles, (Manchester/ La Tijera), now possibly in Sacramento. CA disabled license plate that starts with 05. We want to know he's safe, and not under duress.

Full story:

This is normal missing person's report that goes from average to weird very quickly.

Around Sept 15, my friend George, age 79, white hair, track suit pants, owner of a friendly cat named Sammy, went missing.

George lives out of his car on the west side of LA near Westchester because that's his area, he loves it there. His decisions to rent to people who would otherwise never achieve housing due to credit or jail issues was noble to me but it caught up with him (lost rent) and he ended up homeless living out of his car.

Flash forward 2 years, both his longest friend and myself have helped him out as much as we can to find housing but he was stubborn and never wanted to leave the westside.

Flash forward to September 15th 2017, I stop receiving communication (via texts) and his long time friend Gary also has the same story to me in a letter around Oct 1st, 2017. It wasn't unusual to go a week without hearing from George so I didn't get suspicious until 2 weeks later. So, I start calling hospitals, thinking a 79 year old man might have fallen or had a stroke. Nope. No George's, no John Does. I called the jails, nope, not in the system. I called the coroner. Nope, not there (thankfully).

Around Oct 6th, after calling police for advice (they can't help, he's transient) and not receiving help, I got frustrated and left a 911 message on his phone. Miraculously I get a response, but it's not from George.

According to the new phone owner, on or about Oct 4th/5th, George sold his cellphone for cash but didn't wipe it of contacts. He was accompanied by a 30 year old man (kind of unusual) driving a blue honda civic (2014/2015 ) and the theme of the conversation they had was "a new start" and were headed north to Sacramento.

The new phone owner also said they were kissing. On the surface, I've known George as a heterosexual but as his web master, I've had access to his email and I've often suspected he was bi or gay due to info I've seen in that account, but he never told me. Doesn't matter either way, I was just worried for the following reasons:

1. A man who never wants to leave the west side of LA even for low cost housing and a roof over his head left town with a 30 year old man of his own free will?

1.1 A man with on going medical problems ups and leaves with years of attachment to the same doctors?

2. I suspect the worst because George has worsening dementia and I think he can be emotionally controlled.

3. I think this 30 year old cut off George's communication by suggesting he sell the phone. He's going to try to steal from George's limited social security income and use it for anything but George. George is being used.

SO, I plead with anyone who has made it this far down the report to keep an eye out for George. He's hard to miss if he has his car with him. He's such a nice guy, and I've known him forever. I owe him to keep looking to make sure he's okay and he's actually where he wants to be with this suspicious person that has 'whisked' him off his feet.

George parks right out in the open in Los Angeles, he was mostly parked near Manchester/ La Tijera and occasionally the free tennis court parking on Venice Beach. I suspect he'd do the same elsewhere unless the 30 year old has housing but if you're out and about in Sacramento, and you see an old black volvo with disabled plates that start with 05, please alert me.

When I can post links, I'll come back and edit this report with images of George.

Image: 1 year old image



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