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Dec 11, 2015
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Ayy..I'm Stuart...haven't been on this site in fucking years thought I'd give it another shot...anyone know what's good in mexico city? I'll be there tonight..idk if there is a better place to post this?
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Jun 21, 2016
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Tacoma-ish, WA
Probably better off in "Travel Destinations".. I'm sure a mod will come in and switch it for ya.

I don't know anything about Mexico, but welcome back to the forums. If you scroll down on this page you'll see posts related to yours- try reading some of them. They'll all be Mexico based. :)


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May 16, 2017
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oakland california
wow, old posts. ive been in guadalajara for a week now but it is fucking expensive out here.

I have a couple questions:
are there safe places to sleep outside or for free in a city nice/safe like guadalajara? in the US ive always slept at skateparks if i needed to. i tried hinting at a couple local bmxers that i could use a place to stay but eventually i found out that mexican people are reluctant to invite strangers into their home

also i have a bmx bike and traveling via bus sucks.
item1: i have to remove my wheels,
item 2: i have my bike frame fork and bars as a big clunky shaped object that bumps into people and bothers them
item 3: big bulky framed backpack
getting on the bus is a huge hassle and getting off the bus sucks too, i have to throw my pack outside on the floor, then walk back into the bus and grab my bike and wheels and throw them out also. everyone is saying how gritty/grimey mexico city is and of course bus station terminals are always busy and sketchy, i am really worried about someone grabbing my pack while i am untangling my bike from the bus. any ideas? really the only thing i am concerned about in my bike is my biketools, tirepump, spare tubes and phone charger :0

any thoughts on keeping my shit from getting jacked at sketchy busy bus terminals?

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