Looking for suggestions on interesting places/festivals not in the South (1 Viewer)


I'm a d-bag and got banned.
Aug 22, 2009
the roads of america
Im leaving to go traveling again here on tuesday and my goal is to pretty much go anywhere in the PNW, the N, and the NE states and maybe the eastern midwest states like ohia, illinois, missouri mayyybe..etc... and other than just traveling for the sake of seeing the world before it all gets destroyed in 2012, im open to any suggestions on things to do and places to see, people to meet etc.

Like i usually just go to the most naturally beautiful places, camp out a few days, then leave, that way i can take it all in. But this time i wanna like go to actual destinations, festivals, places where the people are cool and chill with hippies, hitchhikers, hobos, vagabonds, etc. Like places where i can chill in the streets and have little to no worry bout getting harassed or raped, or like places where the locals dont have morals about picking up hitchers or chillin out with em, showin em things to do etc.

Im especially interested in any kind of psychedelic raves/music festivals, and or any sort of nature festivals.

also any places where its either free or cheap to camp out, tent or no tent....

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