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Mar 15, 2017
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Hello everyone,
I have a pretty serious situation coming up and am asking for any tips, advice and general knowledge.
As the end of June is coming and the start of july; my roommate an I are not geared up to pay the rediculous amount of rent and are planning to purchase some gear for living outside. Now we are base in Toronto an need to stay in the general area as I unfortunately have to work, an all my work is base around the GTA. Does anyone have an idea where in toronto a good location to set up a camp that is hidden enough but also easy to access general services\ civilization
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Aug 31, 2016
Current Location
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Are you talking about a tent and backpack situation? Keep in mind you get to bring very little stuff with you. Where do you work? Toronto's a huge place, do you have a bike? Presto pass? Go transit?

There's easy temporary camping once you're out of the downtown core, but there won't be anywhere you can permanently set up with any amount of reliability for a while out. That's a lot of commuting.

Ever consider doubling down and getting yourself a van to dwell in?

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