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Matt Derrick

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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
this thread goes out to all the ladies out there! i'm writing section of the StP book about what kinds of clothes to take on your travels, and while i have the guy stuff easily covered, i'd like to include a few tips for the ladies who will be reading the book. so what i'm wondering is, what are you carrying in your pack clothing-wise?

i'd like to see a list of what you prefer to bring on your travels; for example, i generally take a pair of cargo shorts, one pair of jeans, three shirts, three pairs of boxer shorts, and four pairs of socks.

so, what do you take, and why? help me make sure female-identifying (or hell, anyone that isn't cis gendered male) people that are new to the road go prepared with the advice you post here!
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Dec 18, 2011
Brighton, United Kingdom
Jeans or combat trousers, jogging bottoms (great for another layer when it's cold, or sleeping in, or jogging if you're that way inclined!) Hoodie or sweatshirt, two short sleeve tshirts, one long sleeve t shirt, spare bra and as many pairs of socks and underwear as I can ram in my bag.

I always have a cotton scarf usually a shemagh style one as it's great to keep warm or cool in the sun, you can use it as a towel or tie it and use as a bag or a bandage etc.

In the winter a waterproof coat with a fleece you can zip in or out to make it warmer, hat and gloves, thermal top and leggings (but I'm in the UK and its generally pretty cold here in winter...and summer! :p)

Summer time I'd change out the jogging bottoms for some kind of thin cotton harem style trousers. As you can pull the legs up and they can be worn like shorts. I'd still take my coat in summer as I hate the being rained on.

That's my stuff, I don't think it's that different from yours though really.
Dec 23, 2014
I don't think that girls would have so much difference what they take with them than guys. Bras + bikinis, maybe some dress or skirt, it really depends of a girl, some likes these, some not... mm and probably more underwear than guys, as body functions sucks so bad.... :D :D
All other things are just same what guys have.


May 30, 2012
Bristol, United Kingdom
Fuck I'm so lucky I don't have periods haha. Before I just rocked like as many leggings to keep me warm with a skirt n t shirt with jackets on top ...... In other words no fucking clothes in my pack unless a removed jacket. I hate carrying shit and I'm a good shoplifter so if I'm ever too cold I'll rob a pair of trackkies and wear em till I lose em on top of everything else. Weather is predictable here so you ain't gotta pack for hot and cold just chuck stuff away in summer then collect more for winter again lol


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-Two pairs of pants to layer in winter
-A stretchy dress for when it gets hot
-How ever many panties I can stuff in my pack (got the tendency to lose them while on even when I don't slip the pants off- no bras)
-Combat boots with sneakers stuffed in the pack
-One long sleeve shirt and two other ripped "rag" shirts
-Large modified hunter jacket and thin sweater
Frankly, I feel that my list of carry on's is too long, but it currently works for me!


the messiah.
May 13, 2015
Batavia, N.Y.
I have a pair of brown tights made for the warmth, an orange Sun dress, a white tank top, a tye dye tank, a bra, a furry coat and a fur vest. I also have boots, a snow hat, gloves, scarf and a bandana.


Jan 13, 2016
As much as I hate to advertise companies, UNIQLO and other companies are coming out with more and more innovative technology to trap heat inside their clothes, especially when layered with normal clothes.

I currently travel with HEATTECH leggings / long sleeve shirt . The materials are very thin and very packable. I have another pair of fleece leggings that I pair up with the HEATTECH leggings when it's really cold, because I like to wear my same pair of shorts that I've been wearing for the last few years (WHAT? It's got alot of pockets! And we all here LOVE pockets!)

I don't have much for jackets - I usually just have two thick hoodies, HEATTECH long sleeve and a T Shirt.

I would say only one change of clothes is necessary, but it's a good idea to stock up on the undergarments.

As for socks and undies (the exciting part) I go through phases - some times when I'm having a really rough time finding showers or places to wash my clothes, I just stock up on socks and undies and then get rid of them when it's time to change. I'd rather not be so wasteful, but when I can't always find a place to hand wash my "delicates", sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
Being that this is a thread for ladies, I'd like to note that it's VERY important to keep up with your private hygiene, because UTIs, yeast infections, and other infections that can occur down there SUCK , especially when you're on the road and it's not gonna be something you can just put a band aid and some triple antibiotic on. It's better to manage your pH levels, change your underwear, and keep yourself clean as possible to avoid infections. (I use a personal wipe whenever it's time to change undies.)

The same goes for socks and why it's a good idea to have as many freshies as you can, to avoid boot rot, but I have personally experienced the benefits of carrying lots of clean underwear and socks.

I'd also like to note that I'm on the heavy side, and my size attributes drastically for less pack space.
Smaller girls can pack more stuff because each article of their clothes can crumble down into a size of fist. Big girls are also going to have to pack bigger bras, and that's not fun. I personally am hoping to get a binder soon, and thankfully that will eliminate the space that my two big bras take up in my pack.


Jan 13, 2016
(Ugh I wrote a huge elaborate comment but it didn't go through so HERE WE GO AGAIN)

As much as I hate advertising products, I travel with HEATTECH leggings and HEATTECH long sleeved shirts by Uniqlo. Alot of clothing brands are coming out with innovative new technologies, designed for trapping heat from your body within the fabric, especially when paired with layers of other clothing on top of it.

I carry maybe an extra pair of fleece leggings and maybe another long sleeved shirt, because many thin layers rather than a few big bulky things are more of my style when traveling in colder climates.

I also swear by leggings because I can put my favorite shorts that I've had for years over them (WHAT? They've got alot of pockets! ::joyful::)

As for undergarments... I would say ONE change of clothes and a buttload of undergarments is best.

Especially for the ladies.

We don't have many places to treat UTIs and infections when they happen on the road. That's why it's important to manage your pH levels, keep it clean down there, and change underwear as often as possible.

I recommend using a personal wipe and changing every 3 days at least.

Normally I like to rotate between 2 or 3 pairs of underwear, provided I can hand wash them in between (dry them on my pack while I walk, hitch, or fly, or out a car window).
When I can't find many places to wash them, sometimes I just stock up and toss them out when they get really rank. ::yuck:: I try to avoid that because I consider it wasteful.

Same goes for socks and the looming threat of bootrot that we all face. I usually keep an extra few pairs because when I run into other travelers, that's usually the ONE thing they are lacking and need.

Now that I have a vehicle, I stock ALL the socks!

Oh also, a note about size- I'm big and beautiful, and guaranteed, a smaller girls pack is going to be smaller than mine, even if we have the same amount of clothes. Take into account that smaller girls can sometimes roll up each article clothing to the size of a fist, so many larger people are forced to downsize their gear in other departments. Also doesn't help that my bras are huge, but my queer ass is working on getting a binder!!


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Nov 3, 2015
Ah this is interesting to see what y'all are packing / wearing out there!!

I haven't yet traveled in the dead of winter, but here's a few things that have stood out when traveling in spring/summer temperatures recently:

I pack athletic shorts with a built-in under-layer of spandex, to chase away that hot summer day between-the-legs chafing.

I haven't worn underwear in years, but that means alternating pairs of shorts and washing/rinsing them pretty often.

I almost didn't pack it, but am so glad I did...a lightweight puffer jacket, takes up practically 0 space and weight in my pack but is like wearing a sleeping bag on my upper half! The night time can randomly get super cold compared to the day time (specially here in Australia) so always good to have an extra layer

I'm into tighter tank tops and tighter shorts, and looser sweatshirts/jackets/pants so I can easily and comortably layer things. And the lighter-weight, the better.


Jun 16, 2017
Hamilton NSW 2303, Australie
The only thing I could add to all of this is the sports bra. If you're going to hike, or run, or be in any kind of situation where you need to be 100 % comfortable in your body, then I'd recommend packing that. I mean, in my opinion it's better than a regular bra, since those are generally not so comfortable if worn in the long run. There's also the option of not wearing any bra, although I'm not sure about the running part.

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